Yvonne Nelson: Jesus Wants Attention, This Year’s Easter Will Be Meaningful Due To Coronavirus

Yvonne Nelson

According to Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson , the Coronavirus outbreak and the lockdown all just around the upcoming Easter season are to tell that Jesus “wants us to pay attention to Him” as a reminder of what he has done and will continue to do.

Yvonne Nelson, sharing her thoughts on Twitter, wrote “Sit down for a moment and just think. Easter and all the celebrations in the past. How will this year be like? You’ll be home! Why do we celebrate Easter? Just get deep for a min for me!”.

Yvonne Nelson further added that people are home and will not have an excuse not to mark the true essence of Easter this year.

“We are on lockdown – a Virus – the timing – Easter is getting close – what’s the essence of Easter? JESUS died for mankind! He wants us to pay attention to Him and what He did and still does for us. Now we won’t use work and other engagements as an excuse!” she tweeted.

However, Yvonne’s opinion has been met with mixed reactions from her followers. Replying her tweet a tweep with the handle @MisterB34120420 said “So He is killing so we can have time for Him… Wow Jesus do all”.



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