Thomas Partey: I couldn’t sleep when I heard Arsenal deal will happen

Thomas Partey
The newly signed Arsenal player, Thomas Partey

The newly signed Arsenal player, Thomas Partey, has said he had sleepless nights when his agent told him that his move to Arsenal was going to happen.

Partey, speaking to, said, “until the last moment I was not aware. My agent called me and said it was going to happen and I was so happy. I could not even sleep that night. It was a great feeling.”

According to Thomas Partey, he was so happy and excited about the way Arsenal fans were sending him messages on his social media handles when it was announced that he was going to join the London club.

An excited Thomas Partey said “I received a lot of messages saying join the club or we are not sleeping!”

He indicated during his official unveiling at the club that growing up, he used to watch the games of the invincibles with great ex-players such as Ian Wright, Thierry Henry, Patrick Vieira, Pires, and Bergkamp.

When asked how important it was for him to have joined the great Arsenal family, Thomas Partey noted: “Well, I feel so happy, I already feel part of the family because the fans have received me, everybody is saying nice things about me and you know, to be received like this is a great feeling.

Partey promised the fans of Arsenal that he will be contributing his quota to “make everyone feel happy”.


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