These are the questions you will be asked when you go to register

  1. The right spelling of your name
  2. Your date of birth
  3. Your current residential address
  4. Your parents’ names, that is, mother’s name, father’s name.
  5. Your hometown
  6. Your residential address in your hometown

And the district of your hometown

You [registrants] must go there in a facemask.

When you get there, your temperature will be taken by the Ghana Health Service Personnel.

Then based on your recorded temperature, you will be either allowed into the registration premises or you will be attended to.

When you are allowed in, you will wash your hand with soap under running water and you join the queue in the demarcated areas.

When it is your turn, you will be attended to by the agent, who will look through your documents to ensure that you have not already registered.

If you are through, your forms will be filled.

You will then go to the data and skills agent where your fingerprint will be taken and you will be photographed.

After this, your ID card will be processed and a hard copy will be given to you instantly.

Lastly, you use hand sanitizer before leaving the centre.

The Electoral Commission has set Tuesday, June 30, as the day to start compiling the new voters’ register. This exercise is to end on Thursday, August 6.


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