The Heiress : Tonight (Wednesday) On Episode 27


Daniela had a talk with Savannah. The bratty lapdog told Danny girl that she was available in case she needed backup. Danny girl told her not to worry. Savannah then asked if it was true that Mina would be Camila’s new president soon and Daniela told her that that was what Mrs. Galvez had said.

“No. Danny, no. Don’t allow it,” Savannah barked. “Because if she already treats you like a slave now, how much more when she becomes the president of the company. She might even turn you into a front desk receptionist.”

“Let her try, Savannah.”

“Then I hope you’re ready.”

“Mrs. Galvez said that I had to make sure that the marketing strategy wouldn’t work. That way, the board will lose confidence in Romina. And so will dad.”

Savannah then asked about Marga and Daniela told her they had gone shopping earlier, and she was doing everything to patch things up with her.

“I just have bigger things to focus on at the moment,” Daniela added.

“Just don’t forget why you’re doing this, Daniela. You’re doing this for Marga’s future.”

At the mansion, Robert asked Carlos how his therapy was going. Carlos told him that he had seen improvements and his therapist had told him to continue his therapy at home.

“That’s good,” Robert commented.

“Mr. Robert. I will like to thank you for all the help you’ve given my family. And for allowing us to live in your home.”

“If you ever need any help, just tell me. I also want to help with your recovery. And if in case… you don’t find a job right away, my offer for you to work for me still stands.”

“I still haven’t changed my mind, Mr. Robert. I can’t accept your offer. I already owe you a lot. I don’t want to be in your debt.”

“That’s not why am doing this,” Robert pointed out. “I’m doing this for my daughter, and granddaughter.”

“Don’t worry, Mr. Robert,” Carlos insisted. “I will take care of my family. I will work hard to provide for them.”

The Maxwell Fair had officially began. Cassie told Fatima to go and set up their booth so they would be ready. Marga and the Mean Squad confronted Cassie, asking if she was ready for the fair.

“Ready or not, we’ll do our best,” Cassie declared. “How about you? Are you ready?”

“I was born ready, Cassie,” Marga bragged. “That’s why am giving you this.” She waved a flyswatter in front of her.

“What’s this for?”

“You might need this later when no one visits your booth, but flies.”

“Nothing is set in stone, Marga. The Fair has just started.”

“So you really think you stand a chance at defeating us?”

“Let me repeat; the Fair has just started. Anything can happen. Are you ready for it?”

“Of course I am. So you better watch. And learn. Because I will make sure you will not win.”

Marga and the Mean Squad made preparations for the dance lesson. Krisroff came over, saying they their booth was a hit and a lot of people would like to dance there.

“They just want to see me dance,” Marga bragged, smiling.

“I don’t think I have seen you perform with a dance troupe yet,” Krisroff mentioned.

“Just stick around for a while. The dance clinic will start in a few minutes. By the way, I spoke to our teacher and I recommended you to perform for the Fair’s closing ceremony tomorrow.”

“I don’t know…”

“What are you afraid of?” Marga asked. “You are good. You could even join a boy band.”

Krisroff laughed. “Not yet, but I’ll get there.”

“Come on, just say yes. This is your only chance to be free. Just take it.”

Robert took Daniela to the new house they would supposedly be moving into. He asked what she thought about it and Daniela said she had to make sure that it was safe for her family. Robert told her that he had already conducted a safety inspection.

“But if you think there’s still work to be done, we can do that,” Robert added. “That’s why I bought you here. So you can have your personal touch.”

“I don’t think we have enough time, dad. Maybe I’ll just have it renovated someday, but this is very different from the mansion, don’t you think?”


“I trust you. After all, it’s you who has the final say in things like this, right dad?” Robert bowed his head in frustration. “What do you think? Is it better for me and Marga to be here?”

Back at the Maxwell Fair, Fatima joked, telling Cassie that they could end up using the flyswatter Marga had given her, saying that the Maxwell students weren’t really fond of their kind of booth. The other team members agreed with Fatima.

“We can still do something,” Cassie stated. “Let’s think outside the box.”

“Too late for that, Cassie,” one of girls said. “Let’s not get our hopes up.”

“No. The Fair just started, remember? Let’s not give up. We just need to come up with a new plan.”

Daniela arrived at the parking area of a restaurant. As she talked to Savannah on phone while walking, she collided with someone.

“What were you doing?” she hissed, shoving the guy.

“You bumped into me,” the man pointed out.

“What do you mean? You should have stayed out of my way.” Danny girl then noticed the company card the man was carrying. He worked at ‘Tita Sardines’. Danny girl looked him in the eye and stormed off.

Daniela sat with Savannah at the restaurant. Savannah asked if she was really sure her father wouldn’t find out about her plan.

“Not a single hint. You know dad wants to give me what I want. That’s the only thing he’s good at.” The guy Daniela had bumped into took a seat at a table at the other side, and Neil sat with him. Daniela stared in his direction.

Daniela…what you looking at?” Savannah asked.

She gestured. “That’s Romina’s meddlesome brother, right? Look. My plan just got better.”


“You see the guy who’s sitting with Romina’s annoying little brother? That guy works for Tita Sardines.”

“But how did you know that?”

“We bumped into each other earlier,” Daniela explained. “I saw his ID because he dropped it.”

“Shouldn’t you be worried? That’s your rival company, right?”

“Exactly. It’s our rival company, and Romina’s little brother is having lunch. With the competition.” Daniela took pictures of Neil with the guy from Tita Sardines. She exchanged a mischievous smile with her bratty lapdog.

At Camila, in Robert’s office, Mina asked her husband how the house viewing with Daniela had gone, and whether she had liked the place.

“Daniela will always be Daniela,” Robert said. “You know how meticulous she is. She’s a perfectionist. She wants to make some changes again…when it’s done, they will move out.”

“Daniela really has no plan of making this easy, huh?” Mina commented.

“Just be a little more patient. It won’t take long.”

“I don’t understand why she hates me so much. She was the one who insisted on living with us in the same house.”

“I just want to avoid anymore stress. This is not easy for me, but I have to do this. I need to do this. I need to find a good and solid solution.”

“Love, with all the problems am facing here and at home, not having to worry about them is a big relief for me. You made the right decision. Thank you. I know this isn’t easy for you.”

“Am doing this for all of you,” Robert revealed. “Let’s change the topic. How’s the preparation for your launching?”

“It’s going to be a huge step for the company,” Mina said excitedly. “I can’t make any mistakes. I feel nervous and excited at the same time but, am more excited to see the product of the team’s hard work. We will be able to help a lot of people.”

“Mmm, finally there’s good news,” Robert said and Mina smiled. “And I can’t wait to watch it because I will be your number one fan.”

Daniela sneaked into the deserted marketing room. She locked the door and crept over to Neil’s desk. She then inserted a flash drive into Neil’s laptop and began transferring the details of the Camilahat Project.

“Say goodbye to your little fairy tale life, Romina,” Danny girl thought to herself. “Let’s see if you can still act like a queen after this. You can live happily ever after with your meddlesome brother in hell.” She plugged out the flash drive and walked out.

Daniela met up with her bratty lapdog. “Did you get the files you wanted?” Savannah asked.

“Yes,” Daniela replied, smiling, so pleased with her divine skills of sabotage.

“Do you think that’ll be enough to get Romina fired from the company?”

“Of course it’s not enough,” Danny girl noted. “This is just one project, Savannah. Am just starting.”

“Then what’s next?”

“I’ll make her bleed. One project at a time.”

“But that’ll take time. I know you’re not a patient person to wait that long.”

Daniela chuckled. “I don’t have to wait. I just need to ruin her support from the board and then she’ll be doomed. Isn’t it exciting that she wouldn’t even notice that I am slowly destroying her and everything that she had built for herself? I should probably buy popcorn every single day so I can enjoy the show.”

“Well you can’t, Daniela.”

Daniela was confused. “What do you mean?”

“FYI, you’re getting kicked out of the house, remember?” (FYI : For Your Information).

“They can kick me out, but they can’t keep me out.”

“And how do you plan on doing that?”

“Simple. I just need to play sister a little bit longer. They can’t do anything if my dearest sister will let me stay at their house, right?”

“Hmm, Danny, you’re so evil.” (And you’re so stupid, you bratty lapdog).

“I’ll take that as a compliment.”

Marga and the Mean Squad walked around the Maxwell Fair grounds. They had half an hour before the dance clinic began and Maureen suggested that they go and check out the ‘Horror Booth’. Nica seconded her and Nadya said she was fine with it as long as they stayed away from the marriage booth.

“They’ve been pairing me with all kinds of losers,” Nadya complained.

“What about you, Marga. Any booth you wanna try?” Maureen asked.

“Yep, and it’s right in front of us.” Marga walked over to Cassie’s booth. “Planning to go home?” she mocked.

“Why would I?” Cassie asked.

“Because half of the day is almost over and you’ve got like, six stuffs. You’re just wasting your time.

“The Fair’s not over yet. We’ll be able to pull through.”

“Cassie… you still won’t win so, bye bye Maxwell Prime,” Marga mocked before walking away with her squad.

“Cassie, Marga’s right. We need to close our booth,” one of the art club members suggested

Cassie turned to face them. “What if we add an activity? Like on the spot sketching. Our booth will be more interactive and we can also highlight our skills.”

“That’s a good idea.” The art club members agreed to it.

Krisroff came up to her. “Cassie, had lunch yet?”

“Not yet,” Cassie replied.”Let’s eat together and check out the other booths.”

“I can’t, Tope. We’re going to make some changes to our booth.” One of the art club members told her to go along since she had already done her part, saying that they would take care of everything else. Cassie left with Krisroff.

At Camila, Prima Rosa, a shareholder who was CEO of his own company came to Robert with a proposal that would be good for both their businesses, saying that he could give him a great deal since he needed a new supplier. Robert was good with it and they shook hands on it.

“On a more personal note, is your daughter’s husband, Mr. Carlos Bartolome?” Prima Rosa asked.


“He’s applying for a field manager post.”

“Oh, that’s good. So what do you think?”

“Well the kind of work he’s used to is different from the post he’s applying for. But I don’t know…”

“I believe I understand what you’re trying to say,” Robert cut in, smiling. “Okay. I’ll definitely consider your proposal, but am telling you, Carlos is a good man. He’s kind, and he puts others first before himself. He’ll be an asset to your company. If you can help me, then we can help each other then.”

“Sure. Thank you very much Mr. Mondragon. It’s a pleasure doing business with you.”

Robert beamed. “Pleasure’s all mine.”

Back at the Maxwell Fair, Krisroff asked Cassie about LJ’s booth. Cassie told him that she hadn’t seen LJ yet. “They put the fortune teller’s booth near the book club. I’ll go visit them.”


Marga and the Mean Squad were at the fortune teller’s booth. Maureen came out and asked that they leave the place because she didn’t like it there.

“Why, what happened?” Nica asked.

“The fortune teller told me that I will turn ugly.” Nica smiled. “And I just can’t,” Maureen went on. “She told me to be careful.”

“And you actually believe her, Maureen?” Marga asked. “She’s not a real fortune teller.”

“Yes she is,” Maureen insisted. “She knows a lot about me. Why don’t you try and see it for yourself?”

“Fine. I’ll go in.” Marga went in while the Mean Squad went to wait for her at their booth.

A second later, Cassie arrived at the fortune teller’s booth and went inside. She was surprised to see Marga there, sitting right in front of the fortune teller. “Marga, you’re into fortune telling?”

“That’s so lame,” Marga scoffed. Cassie took the opposite seat. “Am just here to prove that she’s not a real fortune teller. That she’s a fake.”

Cassie pouted as if in disagreement.

“You both want to know your fortune?” the fortune teller asked, glancing at Marga, and then at Cassie. She had a cloth covering her entire face. Only her eyes could be seen.

“Yep,” Marga replied. “Between the two of us, I just want to know who will win the Maxwell Prime.”

The fortune teller eyed Cassie. She put her hand on the crystal ball in front of her, and her expression suddenly changed. “Neither of you will win.”

“What?” Marga murmured. “But that’s impossible.”

The fortune teller glanced at Marga and Cassie who still hadn’t recovered from the shock. “That’s what the crystal ball tells me.”

“I knew you were a fake,” Marga lamented. “Oh, great. Am just wasting my time here.” Marga got up and left.

Cassie stared at the fortune teller in suspicion. Suddenly, the fortune teller burst out laughing. She removed the disguise she wore, still laughing.

“LJ?!” Cassie laughed. “I was right. I knew it was you.” She gave her a high-five and they kept on laughing.

In Robert’s office, Bernard told Robert that there would definitely be a problem if Carlos ever found out that he had had a deal with Prima Rosa. “We have our pride, Robert. If I was in his position, I would feel insulted,” Bernard added.

“He would not find out,” Robert declared. “I just want Daniela and her family to have a better life.”

“What would have happened if they hadn’t accepted? Would you have backed out of the deal?”

“It’s a done deal. It doesn’t matter. At least I was able to bend the proposal a little to our favor.”

Bernard chuckled. “This is why Camila’s successful. You never let an opportunity pass you by.”

“Well, it’s a win-win situation for both of us. If they hire Carlos, he’ll be an asset to the company so…we both win.”

“That’s a major win for you,” Bernard pointed out. “This means that they would finally move out of your house when Carlos settles with Prima Rosa.”

“Come on. You’re making it sound like I don’t want them living there anymore. That is not what I meant.”

“Dude, let’s face it. You love both your daughter and your granddaughter, but we all know that letting them live in the same house would only create problems. You’re helping Carlos so they can live on their own again.”

At the Maxwell Fair, a girl told Marga that they would definitely win since they had a lot of stuff.

Marga gave her a look. “Of course. We’re the booth with the biggest line.”

The Mean Squad hurried over to Marga and Maureen asked her to come with them.

“Why? What happened” Marga asked.

Cassie’s booth had been redecorated with sketches and their line had increased after the on spot sketching had been added.

Marga and the Mean Squad stood by and Nadya mocked the designs.

“I think I want one,” Maureen said and Marga gave her a look.

“Look, Marga, they’ve collected lots of stuff,” Nadya pointed out.

“So what? We still have more stuff than them.”

“But the Fair ends tomorrow, Marga. What if they collect more than us?” Maureen worried.

“They can try. But I will make sure I don’t let that happen.”

Night had fallen and Cassie sat in front of the drawing board in her room. “You have to finish this under ten minutes, Cassie,” she said to herself. “You can do this.” She had a photo of both her parents clipped to the drawing board. She started the timer and picked up a pencil to start sketching.

“Cassie?” Daniela called, walking into the room. “Can we talk? We haven’t had a chance to talk after what happened to Marga.”


“I know your side of the story and I just want to patch things between us. We’re sisters after all. I don’t wanna leave this house without us resolving things.”

“Don’t worry Daniela, it’s all in the past now,” Cassie said. Romina appeared at the doorway. She stopped and listened. “So I think it’s better if we forget what happened and move on,” Cassie added.

“That’s right. Thank you, Cassie. Hug for your sister?”

Cassie smiled and happily hugged her diabolic sister. Mina disappeared from the doorway. Danny girl rolled her eyes.

“Daniela, may I know what you talked about with my daughter?” Mina demanded as soon as Daniela came out of Cassie’s room.

“It’s a sister thing, Romina,” Danny girl shot at her. “Just let us be. After all, we’re leaving this house soon. That’s what you want, right?” Mina stared back at her in silence. Daniela walked away.

“Cassie, how was the Maxwell Fair?” Robert asked at the dining table.

“It was good, daddy. Our booth had a good turnout today.”

“But grandpa, our booth is still in the lead,” Marga cut in, smiling with pride and triumph. “You really have to see our lineup for the dance clinic. Am sure more people will join tomorrow.”

“That’s good to know,” Robert commented. “The most important thing is that you both did your best.”

Carlos had a phone call and excused himself to answer. Robert bowed his head, knowing what he had done and what the call was about. “Hello. Yes. Carlos Bartolome speaking. Really? Thank you. Thank you,” he said excitedly. Robert eyed Carlos guiltily. “Okay. I’ll prepare all my requirements.” Carlos ended the call and told Daniela that he had just been hired for a job he had applied for.

“That’s good to hear,” Daniela commented.

“Congratulations, Carlos,” Robert added.

“Thank you Mr. Robert.”

Daniela met up with Mrs. Galvez. She told Daniela that they were about to launch Camilahat and she hoped that she had everything covered.

“Of course I do,” Daniela said. “This will be Romina’s greatest failure.”

“Why are you so sure? What are you up to this time?”

“Not much, really. In fact, Romina’s the one digging her own grave.”

“Why?” Mrs. Galvez asked.

“I heard that she’s assigning all her responsibilities to others,” Daniela revealed. “Because she’s focusing on Cassie.”

“I hope you’ve got something up your sleeve, Daniela. You need to take Romina very seriously, if you don’t want her to be in control of the whole company.”

“Don’t worry, Mrs. Galvez. I’ve got her covered and am taking her very seriously. I’ll prove that to you. So just sit back and relax.” Danny girl smiled.

Mrs. Galvez smiled at her, leaning back into the chair. “All right. I’ll relax now.”


“Milk tea.”


CREDIT: Stephen Yeboah




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