THE HEIRESS : Tonight (Thursday) On Episode 28

The Heiress

At Kulas’ house, Myrna frantically pulled Jessa inside and closed the door. She asked what she was doing there and Jessa told her that she had been ignoring her calls and messages, and she couldn’t sit around and wait for her the whole time.

Myrna hurried to close the curtains. “All am asking is that you be more patient,” Myrna complained.

“Well, am running out of it.”

Myrna went to close the curtains at the other side of the room. “What happened? Didn’t I give you money? What did you do with it?”

Jessa sat down. “I lost it while gambling,” she admitted.

“Gambling?” Myrna was taken by surprise. “Why did you gamble?” she asked through gritted teeth. “This is what I was afraid of. Don’t you know how hard it was for me to get that money? And you lost all of it to gambling? You don’t work for it that’s why you wasted it.”

“You’re so mean,” Jessa pouted. “I just tried my luck on gambling. I just wanted to make more money from what you gave me. I wanted to help you. Is it wrong for me to do something for us to survive? Am sorry.”

Myrna sat by her.

“I know this is hard for you, and I know an being a burden too,” Jessa said.

Myrna took her hand. “Am sorry.”

“I know I shouldn’t have spent the money gambling, but don’t worry, I’ll do everything I can to recover it.”

Just then, Kulas entered the room with Gino, wondering why the door was closed. “Myrna? Jessa?”

Myrna and Jessa got up and Myrna explained that she had asked Jessa to wait inside for him to get her car fixed again.

“Come on then, let’s start fixing your car,” Kulas said. Jessa and Gino followed him out.

Myrna had a phone call. She checked to see that no one was around before answering. “Didn’t I tell you that I would call you first?”

“Why are you raising your voice?” the person on the other line asked. “Are you mad? I just wanted to know how you’ve been.”

“I need a little more time. We will pay you for sure.”

“Remember this; the longer I wait, the higher the interest will be. So don’t try to test my patience while am being nice, Myrna.”

During dinner at the mansion, Esther congratulated Cassie on winning the Maxwell Fair. Romina, Robert and Daniela weren’t present. “I’m so proud of you,” she added.

Caasie smiled. “Thank you, nanny.”

“Congratulations to you too, Marga,” Carlos chipped in. “The important thing is you both did your best.”

“Thanks, dad.” Marga muttered. She wore a solemn frown on her face.

“By the way, where’s mama, nanny?” Cassie asked “Do you know what time they would be home?”

“Your mom and Daniela will be home late tonight,” Carlos revealed. “Something bad happened at the office so they have to work overtime.”

“Oh. Alright.”

“How about you, Neil?” Esther asked. “Why are you not in the office?”

“There was a huge problem in the office this morning. Everyone in Romina’s team was affected. They are pointing fingers at me because I lost a really important file. But everything’s still under investigation. They still don’t have any proof am the one who did it.”

“Is that why they’re working overtime in the office tonight?” Carlos asked. No response.

“So… it’s your fault my mom’s not here yet?” Marga bitched. Carlos gave her a look.

“Marga, uncle Neil said they don’t have any proof…” Cassie began.

“Marga,” Carlos cut in.

“Am just asking, daddy.”

“Please stop it, Marga.”

Marga sighed and looked away. “I am sorry uncle Neil.”

Neil didn’t seem offended. “It’s okay, baby girl.”

Marga eyed Neil. “Am already full. Can I go back to my room now? I still have some homeworks to do.” Without waiting for a response, Marga got up and left the table.

At Camila, Romina congratulated the marketing team for accomplishing everything they needed for the new project. “And all our hard work will be worth it when we see the final outcome,” she added. “A big thanks to all of you, and most especially, to Daniela. Thank you for saving this project.”

The members applauded and thanked Mina, and she dismissed everyone to go home. Soon, the marketing room was almost deserted. “Is there anything else, Daniela?” Mina asked.

“I just need to cross-check just in case we forgot something,” Daniela replied.

“Daniela, I can’t thank you enough. The entire company was at stake here, but you stepped in. You’re the only one who thought of a solution to this huge problem.”

“I learned from the best. Besides, we’re family. We should be helping each other in everything. I hope Neil will realize that too. After everything that happened.”

“Excuse me, ladies,” Robert said, walking in. “The car is waiting for us downstairs. Are you ready to go?”


Robert smiled at Daniela. “Oh by the way, I am happy with the news I heard. That’s my daughter. You’re a true Mondragon.”

Daniela smiled back at him. “Go now, dad. Go ahead. I still have a lot of work to do.”

“Are you sure?” Mina asked.

“Very sure.”

“Okay. Then I’ll ask the driver to come back for you.” Robert and Mina left.

Daniela had a phone call. “Hello?”

“The other party wants to thank you for what you sent,” said the person on the other line. “The launch was a success despite the short notice. He wants to meet you in person.”

“I don’t think that’s necessary. We both got what we wanted here. He doesn’t need to know me.”

The students gathered around the Maxwell Prime leaderboard to see the updated standing. Marga commanded some girls to get out of the way since they were blocking her view. The girls walked away and Marga and the Mean Squad stood near Cassie and her friends. The leaderboard was being updated now, bottom to top. Krisroff was in 5th place, Nadya was third and Marga had dropped down to 2nd. Cassie was back on top. Marga was speechless.

“Cassie, I told you, I knew you could do it,” Fatima commented excitedly. Cassie was excited as well. The teacher came over and congratulated her and Marga as well.

“Cassie’s back on top again,” Nadya commented.

“That won’t be long,” Marga declared. “Enjoy it while it lasts,” she said to Cassie. “You better celebrate. Who knows? This might be the last time you see your name on top of the leaderboard.”

“Everything needs hard work,” Cassie mentioned. “What’s important is consistency.”

“Excellence isn’t just about consistency, Cassie. So don’t be too proud of yourself.” Marga walked away with her squad.

“Still bitter as always,” Fatima commented. “It’s only in the morning and she’s mad again.”

“I will just let it go. She can say everything she wants to say, but I will not let anything affect me. Am doing this for myself, not in competition with her.” LJ smiled at that.

At the mansion, Carlos told Daniela that he would head straight to work to attend the briefing after his therapy. He added that he was excited to start working again, and Daniela told him that she was happy to see him so excited.

“You’ll finally be able to do the things you want to do,” Daniela said.

“And it won’t end here. Once I’ve finally settled with my new job, we’ll be able to pay your father back for everything he did for us. We can start over again. And we can move to our new house.”

Daniela seemed troubled. “To that townhouse?”

“Yeah. What’s the update about that house?”

“Still being renovated.”

“Is it really necessary, Daniela? We won’t be living there for a long time, because when things at work go well and they will, we’ll be able to buy our own house.”

Danny girl smiled. “Am just so happy to see you this way. So alive, and so full of passion.” Carlos smiled back at her.

Mina and Robert were on their way out when Neil approached and asked how the investigation was going. Mina told him there wasn’t any update yet, adding that she would let him know as soon as they found something.

“Romina, you believe that I didn’t leak the information, don’t you?” Neil asked.

“Of course, Neil. You don’t have any reason to do that.”

Neil turned to Robert. “Robert?..”

“Don’t worry, Neil,” Robert assured. “I’ll talk to the investigators so they can find out who’s really behind this.”

“You’re right, love,” Mina added. “That way we can finally clear Neil’s name for good.”

“Whoever they are, what is their motive?” Robert wondered out loud. “Why are they attacking us?”

Daniela and Mrs. Galvez sat at a table at the Camila Stories Project launch. Romina was busy talking to some guests. Mr. Louie, owner of Tita Sardines, Camila’s rival company came in and Robert arrived a second later.

“The man of the hour,” Louie mocked.

“I didn’t expect to see you here,” Robert said. Daniela scoffed and smiled to herself from where she sat.

“Robert, you don’t have to be so formal with me. I just want to see how your press launch will turn out.” Louie went on. “Did you hear? The press launch for Tita Negocio was very successful. After all, we’re friends here in the industry, aren’t we?” He laughed.

“Just take it easy. Once I find out what stupid thing you did, I won’t stop until I destroy you,” Robert threatened. “Mark my words.”

Mr. Louie stopped smiling. “Robert, it’s not my fault if there’s a snake slithering in your company. You know me. This is just business, so let’s just try to enjoy the rest of the night. Good luck, Robert.”

A few moments later, Mina went for a break after attending to a lot of the guests. Bonita approached her and told her not to blame herself for what had happened because she had nothing to do with it.

“You know what? We have never experienced anything like this before,” Bonita commented. “Who would want to leak out our information?”

Mina sighed. “I can’t think of anyone.”

“Oh, I can. I’ll give you an idea.” Bonita turned and looked in Daniela’s direction. Danny girl was making a toast with Mrs. Galvez and and the board members.

“I don’t think she’ll do this. She’s part of the company. She worked hard on this project.”

“And she’s acting like a star now,” Bonita pointed out. “Just look at them. The board is all over her and she loves it. Oh my goodness.” Mina stared at Danny girl as she kept toasting with the board members.

“Ah, I want to destroy that leaderboard,” Marga complained as she walked with the Mean Squad.

“But how will we know who’s gonna be number one?” Maureen asked.

Marga gave her a look. “Can you just shut up, Maureen?” They ran into Cassie and Fatima. “Oh, I forgot to congratulate you earlier. Congrats.”

“If you really think I cheated, you’re wrong, Marga,” Cassie insisted. “I won the battle fair and square.”

“If you say so. No hard feelings, Cassie. My conscience is clear and I know I didn’t do anything wrong, and I didn’t cheat. Let’s just say that you got lucky this time.”

“It’s pure hard work and passion, Marga. There may be some luck involved but, it was definitely a group effort.”

“Friendly advice, Cassie. Don’t be too confident, because that number one spot, won’t be yours forever.”

Cassie smiled and walked away.

“Nice save and good burn, Marga,” Nadya commented.

Marga put on her killer face. “I need to up my game, Nadya. I am so done playing fair.”

Carlos went to Prima Rosa for the briefing. The man who attended to him told him that Prima Rosa was a supplier of meat and poultry products, adding that instead of supermarkets, the company’s targets were canning and meat processing companies.

“That will be your job as field coordinator, to ensure that our clients’ warehouses are equiped and well maintained.” He gave Carlos a document detailing some things he needed to evaluate and a list of warehouses he needed to visit.

Carlos was excited. “Okay, sir,” he simply said.

“Remember, you will be representing our company to our clients. So make sure to be at your best.”

“I understand sir. Thank you very much.” They shook hands and Carlos was asked to go to work.

“I hear claws being sharpened, Marga,” Nadya commented in the classroom.

“You’re wrong, Nadya. They’ve always been sharpened,” Marga stated. “I just choose whom to use it on.”

Maureen checked out Marga’s nails. “No, they’re not.” Marga looked annoyed.

“I thought you wouldn’t resort to using cheap tricks. Does this mean that you’re conceding because you can’t beat her on your own?”

“Am admitting nothing, Nadya. Besides, why are you in a hurry? Am just waiting for the right time to strike. As they say, when you hunt, you don’t just pounce on your prey without thinking. You wait for the right moment. For. The kill.”

The Camila Stories video was shown on a screen. Robert and Mina were smiling at each other, pleased with it. Clapping erupted at the end of the video and Mina took the stage to give her speech.

“For years, Camila has been a part of many Filipino households. And as our way of thanking those who support and are loyal to our products, it’s now our turn to show our own support. We will be choosing ten stories that would be featured in our website and in all the other platforms of Camila.

Aside from the cash prize, the sender of the final chosen story will be given a small business through Camilahat. A trade program along with ten lucky winners. Since the beginning, the Filipino family has been the heart of Camila. Instead of just creating opportunities, we want to know and be part of your lives. Because the story of every Filipino is the story of Camila.”

Neil and Bonita were thrilled with Mina’s speech. And so was Robert. They clapped along with the others.

“This project wouldn’t be possible without my team and my associates,” Mina added. “They’re the ones who worked hard and tirelessly to ensure that we will be able to give what is due to those who support our products.” Another round of applause sounded. Danny girl gloated, smiling to herself.

Back in the classroom, the teacher told the class that academics would be a major factor for those who wanted to win the Maxwell Prime. She made mention of the top three students in the class who were currently leading in the leaderboard. “So if you want to be considered as Maxwell Prime as well, use them as role models.” The teacher then dismissed the class.

“Marga, why don’t we just give it to Cassie?” Nadya asked. “She’s really smart and that’s why she beats you, right? In everything else, you’re equal.” Marga just stared without uttering a single word.

Kulas and Jessa sat in the house. Jessa mentioned that he had only invited her inside when no one else was there.

Kulas chuckled. “What? It’s hot outside. When you’re here, you have something to eat and drink while I fix your car.”

Jessa eyed him. “Ohhh. So this is just part of your customer service,” she flirted. “Won’t your wife get mad? She might think you’re offering a different kind of service.”

Kulas laughed. “We’ve long been separated.”

“Oh. Is that so?” Jessa started putting her hands on him. “So that means no one will get mad?”

Myrna walked in just then and Kulas got up to go and finish fixing Jessa’s car. Myrna grabbed Jessa. “What are you up to this time?”

“Am just keeping an eye on you. And if I have to flirt with your husband to do it, then I’ll do it.”

“Am just curious. Does Marga really have a plan?” Nica asked as they walked around campus.

“Isn’t it obvious that she doesn’t?” Nadya declared. “She’s all talk and no bite, Nica.”

“So what will you do now?”

“Nothing. I don’t have to do anything. I’ll just wait for her to self distract and if she drags Cassie down with her, the better. Right Maureen?” Nadya looked back to see her busy talking on phone. They left Maureen behind.

“We had an agreement, Maureen,” the person on the other end was saying. “Get your grades up or say goodbye to Maxwell.”

“Yes, mommy.”

Cassie caught Krisroff looking through the classifieds again. She asked if he was looking for a job.

“Yes but just a part-time one,” Krisroff replied.

Cassie sat beside him. “What for?”

“I wanna be with my mom this Christmas, but my savings aren’t enough to buy her a plane ticket back.”

“Then why don’t you ask your dad for help?”

“Cassie, you know my dad, right? You think he’ll allow my mom to visit here? I really miss my mom. Am sure dad will do anything to keep me from seeing her again.”

“I don’t think he’ll do that,” Cassie said. “But, okay. I’ll help you look for a job.”

“Thank you, Cassie.”

Cassie smiled. “I wish I was as brave as you.”

Krisroff seemed confused. “What do you mean?”

“Like that. You want to do something, and you’re not afraid to do anything for it to happen.”

“Haven’t you patched things up with your mom yet?”

“We’re fine. But something’s changed. I feel like she has become stricter after what happened to Marga.”

“But it wasn’t your fault, Cassie.”

“Even if it wasn’t my fault, we still can’t change the fact that she’s overprotective.”

Daniela and Mina were crowded by reporters at the project launch. They asked how Daniela had come up with the idea of Camila Stories.

“I really wanted to do a project that would echo the core not only as a company but also of my mother, the woman whom this company was named after.” Mina’s expression changed and Bonita, who stood by eating was chewing furiously now.

“And that is valuing family,” Daniela went on. “Because we consider the consumer as a part of the Camila family. In the beginning, this idea was shut down.” Danny girl stared at Mina accusingly for a while. “But in the end, they saw it’s potential.”

“I will leave the discussion of the details with Daniela,” Mina commented. “Daniela, please take charge. Congratulations again. To us.”

“Thank you, Romina.”

Mina left and went over to where Bonita stood as Daniela began to tell the reporters all the details from day one.

“Look at her. She really has the ‘may I take this spotlight moment happening tonight’,” Bonita mocked.

Mina glanced back for a second. “Let’s just let her be, Bonita. In this case, Daniela’s success is the company’s success too.”

At Maxwell, LJ told Cassie and Fatima that she needed to catch up on the things she had missed during her suspension. “Can you tutor me, Cassie?” she asked.

“Of course. We’ve got each other’s backs, right?”

“Am game too,” Fatima cut in. “Why don’t we just do it over night. Let’s have a sleepover since it’s the weekend.”

“Fatima… you already know that mama will not let me go.”

“Oh, I forgot that you’re grounded.”

“Then why don’t we just have the sleepover at your place?” LJ suggested. “That way, your mom won’t have to worry.”

Cassie was excited. “Okay, I’ll ask her tonight. I’ll just let you know if mama agrees.”

Marga and the Mean Squad came their way and Nadya deliberately stepped on Cassie’s feet. Annoyed, Cassie sprang up to her feet to confront her.

“Oh, sorry. I didn’t see you there,” Nadya mocked.

“Just ignore her,” LJ said to Cassie. “It’s not worth it, Cassie.”

“Isn’t Marga staying at your house?” Fatima asked. “Wouldn’t it be a problem if we do the sleepover in your place?”

“I won’t allow her if that’s the case. Fatima, am sure she won’t cause trouble while daddy’s there.”

“Marga’s true colors will come out soon. Am sure it’s black,” Fatima teased. Cassie and LJ laughed at that.

“You were saying?” Marga asked, coming out of nowhere and startling Fatima.

“Marga…” Cassie began.

She eyed Fatima. “I’m not talking to you. My true colors, huh? But black isn’t a color, fat. It’s the absence of color. Get that into your fatty brain cells before you say anything against me.”

“Marga, don’t talk to her like that,” Cassie said.

“But it’s okay if you gossip about me? Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it.”

Kulas finished fixing Jessa car. She thanked him and drove off. Gino arrived and mentioned that Jessa had been coming there a lot lately.

“Well, she’s having her car fixed,” Kulas said.

“Is that all it is, dad?”

“Gino, don’t think like that.”

“I was just asking, dad. Mom is already here and this is what’s happening.”

“What you talking about?” Kulas asked.

“Dad, do you have a thing for Miss Jessa.”

“Gino, after all those years, without your mother. Did you expect me not to look for someone else? I learned from your mom. That’s why if you’re going to choose someone, make sure they don’t fool you.”

At the mansion, Mina stood by the poolside when Neil joined her. He congratulated her on the launch of the new project. “Am sure if mom was still here, she would throw a party and invite everyone.”

“But at least you and I are still together,” Mina pointed out. “Why are you congratulating me when we’re a team?”

“Well, they’ve stripped me of that right after what happened.”

“Really? Stripped off?”

“Yeah. It has to sound dramatic.”

“You’re so silly Neil. Anyway, how did your meeting go with the legal department?”

“The investigation has finally started and they’re checking all my files and emails,” Neil revealed. “I feel like they’re not really looking for the traitor. They’re looking for evidence to blame me.”

“Don’t worry, Neil. I’ll do everything to prove that you’re innocent.”

Carlos had dinner with Daniela and Marga at a restaurant. Daniela mentioned that it had been a long time since they had done something like that.

“We have a lot to celebrate,” Daniela said. “You have a job and I finally launced my project.” A phone call came in and Daniela excused herself to answer it. “Hello? Why are you still calling me? We have nothing to talk about.”

“The boss saw the project of your company,” said the guy from Tita Sardines. “Did you give us that project while you prepared the better one for yourself?”

“I gave you what we had at that time. Our transaction is over. And I thought we had agreed that nobody from your company would ever know that the files came from me. Keep your end of the deal.”

“I am, Daniela. But I have another proposition that’s neat. And I’ll make sure it’s worth your time.”

Robert joined Daniela at the poolside. He told her that he liked the changes she had made to the townhouse. “Would you like to make some more?” No response. “Daniela.”

“Dad? What is it?”

“Is there a problem?”

Daniela chuckled. “No, I just zoned out for a bit,” she explained. “Am still on a high after our successful launch.”

“I’m so proud of you.” Robert gave her a hug. “That’s my girl. Do you want to add anything else?”

“That’s enough, dad. Looks like we’re all set to move. If it’s alright with you dad, we’ll just move after Marga’s exams so she can concentrate on studying.”

“It’s your call.”

The next morning, Mina stood staring out the door, thinking. Carlos came over to her and asked if she was alright and Mina told him that she was fine. “I mean all problems can be solved, right? Considering all the problems and heartaches I’ve been through, should I give up now?”

“Problems come and go,” Carlos said. “Don’t think so much about it. You have to face it all with a smile.”

Later on, Mina was getting ready for work when Cassie entered her room. She was all dressed up and ready for school. Mina asked if she needed anything.

“I…I just wanted to ask for your permission to let Fatima and LJ sleep over here. It’s our exams next week, and we’d like to help each other study for it.”

“Of course, Cassie. Your friends are very welcome here in our house.”

Cassie was stunned. “Are you sure, ma?” she asked. “Really? You’re okay with it?”

Mina smiled. “Why do you sound so surprised?” No response. “Cassie dear, is that really how you think of me? Did you think I wouldn’t let you do this?”

“I just wasn’t expecting that you’ll allow us to do it, mama.”

“Cassie, of course I’d like you to enjoy things like this. All I want is to make sure that you’re safe and that nothing bad ever happens to you. You’re my only child, Cassie, and I don’t know what I’ll do if something bad happens to you.” Mina exchanged smiles with her before hugging her.

“Grandpa?” Marga called, coming into the room.

Mina revealed told her about Cassie having a sleepover with her friends to review for the exams. “Would you like to invite your friends too?” she asked.

Marga stared at Cassie for a while. “Ah…no thanks, auntie. I have other plans. I have to go. I thought grandpa was here.”

“Okay.” Mina turned to Cassie. “Anyway, when’s your sleepover?”

“Tomorrow, ma.”

“Alright then. I’ll prepare some food with nanny Esther.”

Cassie beamed. “Thank you ma.”

In the conference room at Camila, Robert had a meeting with the board members. They talked about the proposal he had recently received, worried about the manpower that would be needed. “I suggest that we let HR come up with a brand new team for this.”

“Boss, if your only concern is about manpower, why don’t we appoint Mrs. Bartolome as head of the project?” Mrs. Galvez suggested.


“Well, yes. She did a marvelous job on Camila Stories. Technically, she saved that project.”

“I agree.”

“But this is different from a marketing ploy,” another board member said. “I think it’ll be better if Romina handles this. She’s worked with the clients before…or let’s assign it to the both of them. Let’s see who does a better job.”

At Maxwell, Cassie told Fatima about her mother accepting to allow them have the sleepover at the mansion. Caasie was very excited and Fatima told her that she had already packed her things since she had had a feeling that it would go through. They went into the classroom and found Marga and the Mean Squad there. LJ sat at a desk. Someone had applied glue to her hair.

“Oh, what happened? Is that glue?” Nadya mocked. “How tragic. Right, Marga?”

“You think we won’t report this?” Fatima said.

“Report? Who are you going to report to? It’s not like you can prove anything,”Nadya mocked. “LJ, are you scared?”

“Nadya, that’s enough,” Cassie hissed. She noticed the glue hidden under the desks and gave Nadya a look.


Cassie went through her bag and took out a glue. She removed the cap.

Nadya looked scared. “Don’t you dare.”

Cassie stalked over slowly.

“Don’t you dare.” Nadya repeated, drawing back.

Slowly, Cassie kept walking towards her.

“I said don’t you dare.”

Cassie raised the glue above Nadya’s head.

Nadya covered her head with her hand.”No. Stop!”

Cassie brought down her hand. “On second thoughts, maybe I shouldn’t. I only wanted to give you some because you ran out of glue. I figured you might need it.” She gave Nadya a look and left the glue on the table before walking out.

“This is all your fault. It was all your idea, Marga,” Nadya complained. “Cassie almost covered me with glue.”

“I didn’t force you to do it, Nadya. Didn’t you want to prove that we were okay now? Why would it be my fault?”

In the washroom, Cassie and Fatima helped LJ to wash off the glue in her hair. LJ mentioned Marga had made Nadya do her dirty work for her. A staff came in and asked what had happened. Fatima lied and told her that it had been an accident. The woman didn’t believe her but she told LJ to use conditioner or baby oil to wash off the glue.

“LJ, we need to report this,” Cassie suggested.

“It’ll only make the situation worse, Cassie. Believe me. This isn’t the first time they did this to me. This is Marga’s revenge for vandalizing the wall.”

“That’s the point. We can’t just let them get away with this,” Cassie insisted. “Especially if Marga really is the mastermind.”

“Just forget it, Cassie. But now you know what Marga’s capable of.”

“LJ, you already paid for your mistakes. They can’t keep punishing you all year long.”

Cassie confronted Marga later on. “I didn’t think you’d stoop that low, Marga.”

“As expected. You’re blaming me even though I was just sitting there minding my own business.”

“Don’t try to deny it, Marga.”

“I have nothing to deny, Cassie. Is it my fault that Nadya picked on LJ? And will you please stay away from me? Am sure you have some glue on you after helping that your friend. I don’t want to be stuck with you. Being blood related is already too much for me.”

Fatima and LJ came along. They were worried about Marga doing something at their sleepover and Cassie assured them that she wouldn’t let anything happen to them in her house. “And besides, we have been looking forward to the sleepover at my house. Why would we let them ruin it for us?”

“You have a point,” LJ agreed.

“I’ll just come prepared,” Fatima added.

The Mean Squad talked about what Marga had made Nadya do, saying that the real Marga was back now.

nadya was annoyed. “Like I care. Who does she think she is?”

“Nadya, we all know Marga doesn’t joke around,” Nica said. “And I think she asked you to do that to prove that she’s still the queen. If LJ reports the incident, it will be on you because you poured the glue on her.”

“Yeah, she’s back to her old ways,” Maureen added. “Gosh, it’s so scary.”

“Like I’d let her use me just like that.”

“Yet you did what I asked you,” Marga gloated, coming out of nowhere. She held a glue in her hand. “Are you scared of me, Nadya?” Marga pretended to remove the cap covering the glue. Nadya seemed scared. Marga stopped and threw it at her. “Good catch,” she said before walking away.

“What’s going on?” Daniela asked Mr. Louie, the owner of Tita Sardines. “You know I can’t be seen with you.” She glanced at the guy she had leaked the Camilahat Project to. “What’s the meaning of this? Did you set me up, you traitor?”

“You reap what you sow Mrs. Bartolome,” Louie mocked. “Why don’t you have a seat. Am sure you’ll want to hear what am about to tell you.” Danny girl eyed him and he smiled at her wickedly.

At the mansion, Neil was deep in his thoughts when Gino entered the kitchen. He asked what was wrong and Neil told him about the leakage of the Camilahat Project and how everyone was pointing accusing fingers at him. He worried that he could even lose his position in the company.

“What? What are you talking about Mr. Louie?” Danny girl said back at the rendezvous place. “That was a one time offer. To continue giving you information about Camila wasn’t part of our deal.”

“You’re a businessman’s daughter. You know there’s always room to negotiate.”

“No thanks. If you still can’t win, here’s some advice for you; do better. I already gave you a push and you’re still failing.” Danny girl got up to leave.

“Not so fast, Mrs. Bartolome. What if I expose you myself?” Louie threatened. “I wonder how Mr. Mondragon is going to react when he finds out that his own daughter leaked his private files that almost cost him millions.” He laughed wickedly and Danny girl glared at him.


CREDIT: Stephen Yeboah


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