THE HEIRESS: Tonight (Monday) on Episode 30


Robert went to Cassie’s room. He asked Marga whether she wasn’t going to have dinner and Marga told him she had already eaten at the cafe while studying. Robert then suggested that she join Cassie and her friends.

“I don’t want to,” Marga muttered. “She might push me into the pool again.”

Robert looked surprised. “Pool? She pushed you?”

It was Marga’s turn to be surprised. “Cassie didn’t tell you about it? She picked on me earlier. Then she pushed me into the pool.”

Robert sighed and shook his head. “She didn’t mention anything to me.”

“See? Cassie kept it from you. That’s because she did something wrong,” Marga accused. “She’s guilty, and daddy even made me apologize to her. He didn’t want to believe me,” she added, putting on a show.

“It’s okay. I know you and Cassie have misunderstandings. But I really hope you two don’t end up hurting each other. Whenever I see you and Cassie happily getting along, that makes me so happy. You know that, right?”

Marga pouted. “I will really miss you when we move out, grandpa.”

“I will always be here for you.”

The next morning, as Cassie got ready for school in the living room, Marga came down the stairs holding the reviewers that had gone missing.

“Cassie, is this yours?” Marga asked.

Cassie took the papers and went through them. “We looked for it all day long.”

“Are you accusing me of hiding it? I just saw it lying around in the study room.”

Cassie gave Marga a preposterous look. “We searched that whole room but we didn’t find it.”

“Then you should have looked harder.”

In class, Fatima and LJ narrated to their classmates the blissful time they had experienced at the mansion last night. They seemed more excited than those who had actually been there. When Cassie arrived, a girl asked her when she would be having her next sleepover.

“Please invite,” one said.

“Me too,” several others chorused.

“Oh, I’ll ask my mom about it first,” Cassie stated, smiling.

Marga and the Mean Squad came in and Nadya wondered out loud why Cassie was suddenly popular and why they seemed unaffected with what had happened to LJ last week.

“Do I look like I care?” Marga jibed.

“I heard Cassie invited her friends for a sleepover last weekend,” Maureen announced. ” And I heard it was really fun. Too bad. We were supposed to have a group study at your home, Marga.”

Marga gave her a look. “Are you expecting me to stoop to her level? No way. I’ll take you all to the woods if you want to go camping, not by a pool.”

“Aren’t you worried?” Nadya asked. “The fact that they didn’t say anything about what happened last week makes me nervous. What if they’re planning something? They might get even.”

“Nadya, she’s too much of a ‘goody-two-shoes’ to do that,” Marga said. “And it’s her fault.”

“But look at her.” Nica pointed and they all turned to glance at Cassie chatting excitedly with her friends and her newfound fan group. “She’s the star now. Aren’t you going to do anything, Marga? Looks like she’s become popular after what we did.”

“Nica, let her be happy for the mean time. It won’t last anyway. And don’t worry. Am just waiting for the right opportunity, and when that time comes, I will make sure that she will cry me a river.”

At Primarosa, Carlos asked his boss if he could visit their facilities so he could be more familiar with the processes and explain them well too their clients.

“Are you doing this because you’re new?” the man asked.

“No, sir. Am a diligent employee, and I learn really fast so you will not have a problem with me.”

“Good to hear. Keep that up because around here, it doesn’t matter if you’re new, as long as you work hard around me, you’ll get a promotion quickly.”

“I appreciate it, sir. I promise that I’ll work really hard.”

“That’s good.” The man then gave Carlos a document detailing the list of clients he would be handling. “Familiarize with the products we’ll be supplying them.

Carlos went through the papers. He looked dejected. “Uh, sir. I’ll be handling Camila?”

“Yes. I know you have a personal relationship with them, so I hope we’ll have smoother transactions with them. Why, would it be a problem?”

“Um, not at all sir.”

At Camila, Bonita complimented Mina on the mini-camping surprise she had organized for Cassie’s first sleepover.

“I really wanted to patch things with Cassie, so am really glad she liked it,” Mina said.

“Everything will be fine. Cassie’s a good child. She knows where you’re coming from.”

“You’re right. Too bad you weren’t there. She was looking for you.”

“Sorry. I had to work overtime for the new project…by the way, did you talk to Daniela yet? Did she call you?”

Romina stared at her in surprise, frowning. “Huh? Not yet. Why?”

“Well…I saw her in your office yesterday. She said she wanted to run through something with you, but you left.”

Mina was more confused now. “Run through? But we aren’t even on the same team.”

“Then why was she in your office last night?” Bonita and Mina exchanged looks.

At her desk, Daniela finished sending Mina’s files. She plugged out the flash drive and smiled mischievously, pleased with herself. Mina approached.

“Daniela, Bonita told me that you were waiting for me in my office last night?”

“Ah, yes. I was going to run through some documents with you because you’re more familiar with the clients, but since you were already out, I just went to Mrs. Galvez to verify.”

Romina seemed doubtful. “Was that all?” she asked.


Bonita came over and told Mina that Primarosa was asking for confirmation to reschedule the visit at the warehouse tomorrow. Mina gave her consent. She turned to Daniela. “Daniela, if you have questions about the proposal, don’t be shy to ask, okay?”

“Yes, of course.”

At the faculty room at Maxwell, Marga requested for a teacher to run her through a topic she didn’t understand. While the teacher showed her how to solve the question, Maureen sneaked in and stole the answer sheet for the upcoming exams.

Marga saw Maureen through the glass window as she stuffed the paper into her bag and walked out. “Uh…uh…ma’am, am sorry but can I come back later? I just remembered I have something else to do.”

“Oh. Okay.”

Marga met up with Maureen and confronted her for stealing the paper. “Don’t you understand the consequences?” she asked. “You can be dismissed if they find out you cheated.”

“Well… my parents will also take me out of Maxwell if my grades don’t improve,” Maureen explained.

“You should have told me. I could have helped you, Maureen.”

“Do you really think I would ask for your help after all that happened?”

“That’s why you’d rather get yourself in trouble? I will not let you cheat, Maureen. Knowing you, they would soon find out. You will be kicked out of Maxwell.”

Maureen lowered her eyes in defeat and Marga put on her killer face back on. “But, there’s someone I want kicked out of Maxwell.”

Maureen gave her a look. “Someone?”

Daniela had a phone call and she hurried to the washroom to answer. “Hello?”

Romina followed a second later. She stood behind the door and listened.

“Yes, I have the file,” Daniela said. “Tell him I’ll be there soon. Tell him I don’t plan on running away. I intend to keep my end of the bargain. Bye.”

Outside the washroom, Romina hurried into a nearby room. Daniela came out of the washroom, looked around and then walked away. A second later, Romina also came out of the room she had just hidden in, an angry look on her face. She went the direction Daniela had gone.

In the classroom at Maxwell, Marga planted the answer sheet in Cassie’s bag while the Mean Squad stood by, watching. “Now she won’t be able to do anything. Let’s see if she can still keep her battle smile after this.”

Maureen looked worried. “I’m not comfortable with this, Marga.”

“Just shut up, Maureen,” Nadya said, annoyed.

“But, how were you able to get it?” Nica asked.

“It doesn’t matter,” Marga replied. “What’s important is that Cassie will be kicked out of Maxwell.”

Nadya peeked through the window. “Girls, our teacher’s coming,” she warned, and they all hurried away from Cassie’s bag.

The P.E teacher came in and told them to be fast and join them since class would be starting soon. Nadya worried that the teacher migh have seen them and Marga told her that he would have scolded them had he seen anything. On their way out, Nadya and Maureen gave Cassie’s bag one last look.

A package was delivered at the legal department of Camila. The receiver opened the envelope and inside was the photo Daniela had taken of Neil and the guy from Tita Sardines at the restaurant.

The guy from the legal department came into Robert’s office, saying that they had an update of the person who had leaked the file. “We received new information about the culprit,” the guy said.


“It’s your… brother-in-law.” He laid the document on the tablet and Robert went through it, shocked.

Marga and the Mean Squad entered the examination room and Miss Alfonso, teacher pointed out that she was late. Marga apologized, saying that she had to finish something with her group in the P.E. class.

Cassie stared at Marga as she took out a pen from her bag.

“What? You missed me?” Marga jibed.

Cassie stopped staring and got back to her paper.

Another teacher came in. “Excuse me, Miss Alfonso, I need to speak to you,” she said.

“Okay.” Miss Alfonso joined the other teacher at the back of the room. They talked for a little while. “Everyone, put your pens down,” she commanded, walking to stand in front of the class.

“But ma’am, we still have some time left, right?” Fatima asked.

“I know, but before you finish this examination, we will be checking everyone’s bag.”

Marga and the Mean Squad glanced at each other.

Cassie was confused. “Why, ma’am?”

“It’s been reported from the faculty room that someone from this class stole a copy of the test paper.”

The students glanced around.

“I’m really disappointed,” Miss Alfonso went on. “You know that cheating is a very serious offense in Maxwell. Everyone, please stand. Leave your bags.” She divided the class into three groups while she started searching each bag, calling forth each student to open their bags themselves.

Marga was smiling to herself secretly, pleased with what she had done earlier.

Cassie was called next to open her bag and Marga and Nadya seemed delighted. Maureen eyed Marga. The teacher searched Caasie’s bag and found nothing.

Nadya and Nica were smiling to themselves now. The smile on Marga’s face had disappeared. She glanced at the Mean Squad, shocked.

Miss Alfonso came over to them. “Miss Bartolome, please open your bag,” she said. Nadya and the other looked amused.

Not bothered, Marga went to open her bag with her usual swag.

Miss Alfonso stared silently into Marga’s bag, appalled at the sight. Finally, she slowly brought out the test paper.

Marga was more shocked than before.

“What’s the meaning of this, Miss Bartolome?” Miss Alfonso demanded.

Marga turned to glance at the Mean Squad. Nadya was trying to hide her smile.

Daniela met up with the marketing staff of Tita Sardines. She gave him the flash drive containing Mina’s files. “And please tell Mr. Louie that he doesn’t need to threaten me every single time,” Danny girl said. “I know what we agreed on and I have no plans backing out.”

“Mr. Louie just wants to be certain, Mrs. Bartolome.”

Daniela scoffed. “Whatever. Just give him that.”

Romina walked into the place. “Daniela?”

Danny girl was startled. “Romina.” She stood up and told the guy she had come to meet to leave as Mina stared at her. “Romina, what are you doing here?”

Romina gave the guy a look as he hurried out. “I was about to ask you the same thing,” Mina said. “What are you doing here, and who were you talking to?”

“Are you checking up on me?”

“I was just wandering, Daniela. The man you were talking to looked like a thief. He just left all of a sudden.”

“Are you insinuating something?”

Mina smiled. “No. I was just curious.”

“Am asking you Miss Bartolome,” the teacher snapped back in the classroom. “Why do you have a copy of the exam in your bag?”

“Ma’am, I have no idea how that ended up in my bag,” Marga wailed. “You know me. I don’t have to cheat to do well in any exam.”

“Then why is it in your bag?” Miss Alfonso demanded.

Marga turned and glared at the Mean Squad. She turned to the teacher. “Ma’am, I am sure someone put that in my bag to make it look like am cheating.”

Nadya and Nica were smiling to themselves again.

“Do you have evidence to support that claim, Miss Bartolome?” No response. “Take your things, we’re going to the principal’s office.”

“But ma’am…”

“Now! Miss Bartolome.”

Back at the rendezvous place, Daniela had a phone call from the principal. She excused herself to answer it. “Hello?”

“Mrs. Bartolome, I hope this is a good time.”

“Perfect timing, actually. How can I help you?”

“I’m sorry but you need to come to Maxwell. We need to talk to you about Marga.”

“Why? What happened?”

“Your daughter has been caught cheating, and being an old grad student at the school, you know how serious this offense is.”

“That’s impossible. My daughter would never do that. Am on my way, but make sure you can back up all your allegations or else there’ll be hell to pay.” Without giving Mina a glance, Daniela walked out.

Back at Maxwell, Cassie told Fatima that Marga could never do what she was being accused of because her ego was too much for her to do something like that.

“But we all saw the test paper inside her bag,” Fatima pointed out.

Cassie thought for a second. “What if someone really put it in her bag?”

“But who?”

Nica was worried about not sticking to the plan of making Cassie look bad. Maureen was even more worried that Marga knew they were the ones who had set her up.

“What are you so afraid of?” Nadya asked. “If you think about it, Marga deserves to be out of this school. After all, she’s the one who stole the test paper, right?”

Maureen eyed her guiltily.

“What if she drags us down with her?” Nica worried.

“This is Marga we’re talking about, girls,” Nadya said. “She would never do that. And if she does, she’d have to admit that she’s the mastermind, so relax.”

Daniela sat with Marga at the principal’s office. Miss Alfonso was also present Daniela told the principal that she wouldn’t allow her to throw such accusations at her daughter.

“Mrs. Bartolome…”

“Marga has been consistently on top of her class,” Danny girl ranted. “She’s been studying here ever since she was in elementary school. She has never needed to cheat just to get high grades. I know my daughter.”

“That’s why the school is making sure that the incident will be thoroughly investigated,” the principal noted.

“Ma’am, I can confidently tell you that am not a cheater,” Marga wailed. “I wouldn’t ruin the name and reputation I built in the school just for a test paper. Please give me a different test with a different set of questions. Am sure I will exel.”

“My daughter is not a cheater,” Danny girl repeated. “The least you can do is to give her a chance to prove that.”

The principal looked distraught. She glanced at Miss Alfonso.

Romina arrived back at Camila and told Bonita that she had overheard Daniela talking to someone on the phone about a file, adding that she had had a bad feeling about it so she had followed her to the place where she met that person.

“I knew it, Romina,” Bonita stated. “I’ve been telling you that Daniela has something to do with the leaked information. We have to let Mr. Robert know about this.”

“But we still don’t have any proof, Bonita. I didn’t get any concrete evidence earlier. The other person left as soon as I got there.”

“Let’s face, Romina. Daniela still hasn’t changed. She’s even making moves behind our backs. What are we going to do now?”

“We need to have some evidence. Maybe we should start with the people around Daniela.”

In the principal’s office, Marga was given a different test with different set of questions. She finished and submitted it and the principal assured them that they would get to the bottom of the matter.

“I’m not hiding anything,” Marga complained.

“You will regret it once this is over,” Danny girl threatened.

Miss Alfonso and the principal exchanged looks as Daniela and Marga left the office.

Cassie stood outside the principal’s office as Daniela and Marga came out.

“What are you doing here?” Daniela asked.

“I was worried about Marga,” Cassie replied. She turned to her niece. “What happened, Marga? If needed, I can vouch for you. I know you would never cheat.”

“Cassie, just for once, can you stop being you for a moment?” Marga grumbled. “If you haven’t realized it, you’re just making all things worse.” She stormed off and Daniela went after her.

Robert asked Neil to meet him in his office tomorrow morning because the legal team wanted to talk to him.

“Are they done with the investigation, Robert? I didn’t do anything wrong.”

“Let’s just discuss this in my office tomorrow. Let’s make it official. See you tomorrow.”

Carlos went to Kulas’ house. He asked Gino why he looked sad and he told him that he was trying to find a way to earn some money for their mother’s treatment. Carlos assured him he would take care of it and Gino thanked.

“I know between the three of us, you’re the most maddest at mom,” Gino said. “You were the most affected when she left, and you even took care of us when dad had to work.”

“We did not have a choice back then. Besides, no matter what happened, she’s still our mother.”

A moment later, Kulas, Myrna, Carlos and Gino shared a meal and bonded together. Carlos told his father that they would move out of the mansion after Marga’s exams.

“Whatever happens, I know Marga will be top student. She got it from me,” Gino joked.

Carlos and the others laughed. “What? From you? Are you kidding me, Gino?”

“Gino, stop that,” Kulas criticized.

“Hey, I was a pretty good student back then,” Gino insisted.”

Carlos laughed again. “Stop changing history and just eat.”

“Anyway, why do you have to move out of the house, Carlos?” Myrna asked. “Isn’t Mr. Robert’s place big enough?”

“It’s for the good of us all, mom. And besides, I have a job and Daniela is also working.”

“But son, it’s not like you’re pushing yourself there. Your father told me that house belongs to Mr. Robert and his first wife. Daniela is his daughter and Marga is his granddaughter, so you can stay there, right?”

Carlos gave his father a look. “You’re telling stories again, dad.” He turned to Myrna. “Mom, it’s better for us to move out so we can move freely in our own house. We can avoid trouble too.”

“Of all the things, Marga,” Daniela scolded back in her room at the mansion.

“Mom, I really have no idea how that ended in my bag,” Marga wailed. “You wanna know the truth? It was supposed to end up in Cassie’s bag.”

Daniela’s face washed over with shock.

“That’s what you wanted, right?” Marga went on. “I just wanted to beat Cassie because that’s what you wanted me to do. But someone put it in my bag that’s why I got caught. I wouldn’t have done that if you hadn’t told me to do everything just to beat Cassie. And now, you’re blaming me for what happened?”

Carlos entered the room. “What’s going on here?” he asked.

Daniela glanced at Marga.


“They’re accusing Marga of cheating in school,” Danny girl revealed. “They found a copy of the exam in her bag.”

Carlos was surprised. “What? Seriously Marga, why would you do that?”

Marga was crying now.

“Carlos no. Marga is innocent,” Daniela said. “We can prove it. She already took the exam on the spot.”

“Don’t even bother, mommy,” Marga cried. “Am used to dad only thinking the worst of me.”

“Marga, that’s not true,” Daniela said.

“Yes it is. I always thought that when something like this happened, you would be by my side. Because yo’re my parents. And I thought that meant something. But I was wrong.” She grabbed her things and stormed out.

Marga cried by the poolside. Robert came over and told her to let it all out, explaining that Cassie had told him about what had happened in school.

“I didn’t cheat in the exam, grandpa,” Marga cried. “I swear, I didn’t.”

“I believe you.”

Marga stared at him for a while. “At least you believe me. But daddy…”

“If your daddy did reprimand you earlier, am sure it was just out of shock. We adults make mistakes too, and once we do realize it, we will do everything we can to make things right.”

Marga was confused. “Why are you telling me this?”

“I just don’t want you to think that your parents don’t care about you. They love you very much, Marga. And am sure of that.”

Somewhere in the mansion, Daniela had a phone and she answered it, keeping her annoyance in check. “What is it this time, Mr. Louie?”

“Well, I just wanted to let you know that I’ve received the gift you sent me. And I must say, I like it very much.”

“Good, then.”

“But if you think that’s enough, you’re wrong, because I want more. Much more, Daniela.”

Carlos could now walk on his own. The physical therapist told him that he still needed to be careful until he fully recovered.

Romina went to the kitchen to get a glass of water. On her way out, she ran into Carlos. She ignored him and started walking away.


Mina turned around. “Carlos, please. Let’s stop. This is for everyone’s peace of mind. So let’s stop talking to each other. Daniela might see us again, and let’s show some respect to Robert.”

“But we’re not doing anything wrong.”

“That doesn’t matter. You should know this better than anyone, that it’s easy for people to judge someone based on assumptions. That’s what you did to me back then, right? Carlos please, let’s stay away from trouble.” Without another word, Mina walked away.

At Camila, Daniela told Savannah that she didn’t know how to approach her daughter after what had happened. “She probably hates me tight now.”

“Well, you can’t also blame her, Daniela,” Savannah said. “I know you want Romina out of your life, but aren’t you pushing Marga too far?”

“Savannah, you have to push things hard for things to get moving.”

“Okay. Am just worried your little girl will grow distant from you, Danny.”

“That won’t happen. I won’t let that happen.”

Neil was worried about the meeting with the legal department. He went see Mina in her office office and his sister told him that he hadn’t done anything wrong so there was no reason for him to be nervous. She assured him that she would find out who had leaked the information.

A moment later, Neil was interrogated by some members of the legal team. They showed him a photo of himself and the employee of Tita Sardines. Neil explained that he had only had lunch with the guy on one occasion and they hadn’t stayed in contact.

“We traced an email from your work computer that was sent to an address associated to Tita Sardines.”

Neil was taken by surprise. “How did that happen? It’s impossible. I never sent any email. I would never do that to the company, especially to Robert and Romina.”

The Maxwell Prime leaderboard was updated and Cassie was still on top. Marga’s name had disappeared completely while Nadya was in second place.

“Is that my name on the number two spot?” Nadya teased.

Marga wondered out loud why her name was not on the list. Some teachers came over and told her that she couldn’t be considered for Maxwell Prime until her situation was resolved and she could prove that she hadn’t cheated.

Marga turned to Nadya after the teachers had left. “You wanted my name out of the leaderboard so you put that test paper inside my bag,” she accused. “Knowing that I will be the one to be blamed.”

“Don’t accuse me of anything, Marga,” Nadya shot back. “If you get caught that would mean I would be in trouble too since I was with you. Why would I want to put myself in trouble?”

“She’s right, Marga,” Nica cut in.

Marga glanced at them.

“What if Cassie knew about the plan?” Nadya insinuated. “And she was the one who out it in your bag?”

Romina had a meeting with her team. She told them to delete all the files in their computers related to their project so they could lessen the probability of a leak.

Outside the room, Daniela spied and listened.

“I don’t want what happened to Neil to happen to you,” Mina stated. “I have the master copy in my laptop so we won’t have any problems.” Mina then gave Bonita a file to deliver to the board members directly. “And if they ask why you’re giving them a hard copy, tell them that it’ll lessen the chance of someone else getting the file.”

“Yes, Miss Romina.”

“Guard it with your life.”

Marga was at a disciplinary hearing at Maxwell. The principal was present. They asked Marga to give them all the information in order to clear her name.

Marga admitted to being in the faculty room that day, saying that she had been there to consult with her teacher. “But after the consultation, I left immediately. Even our own teacher can attest that I never approached her table. There was no way I could have taken a copy of the exam. I have excellent records when it comes to academics. That’s enough proof that I don’t need to cheat.”

Cassie told the teacher Marga had consulted with that Marga was a brilliant student and she didn’t need to cheat. The teacher mentioned that she thought same too, adding that she had been with Marga at the same time a copy of the exam had disappeared.

“But if you were talking to Marga, she couldn’t have taken it, unless…”

“Unless what, Miss Mondragon?” the teacher asked.

Cassie was silent for a while. “Nothing. Thank you for your time.”

“Don’t mention it, Miss Mondragon. Am actually impressed. We’re all aware of the rivalry between the two of you, but here you are, doing everything you can to clear her name.”

“I’m just doing the right thing, ma’am.”

Bonita delivered the file Mina had given her to Mrs. Galvez. Daniela came in just then and Bonita eyed her on her way out.

“Oh, Daniela. What can I do for you?”

“Hi Mrs. Galvez,” Danny girl said, taking a seat. “I just want to invite you out to lunch. It’s been long since we did that. Unless you’re really busy.”

Mrs. Galvez was smiling excitedly. “No, no, no. I always have time for you. I’ll just talk to my staff and prepare them for the meeting later, alright?”

“Yeah. I’ll wait for you here.”

Mrs. Galvez stood up. “Let’s go to Hong Kong,” she teased and Daniela laughed as she hurried out. “Am just kidding. Let’s go somewhere exciting and expensive.”

As soon as Mrs. Galvez left her office, Daniela took the file Bonita had bought and started taking pictures of all the pages. She finished up and put everything back in it’s place, sighing. “Oh, Romina,” she said to herself. “You make it so easy.”

Romina went to meet the assigned Primarosa field coordinator for Camila and she was surprised to find that it was none other than Carlos.

“I didn’t know you were also supervising this,” Carlos mentioned.

“Our maintenance manager is on leave today,” Mina explained. “And because this is a big deal, I decided to check everything myself since am also in charge of operations.”

“Are you okay with this?”

“This is work. Of course. Let’s go so we can begin the inspection.”

Bonita asked Neil what had happened and Neil revealed that someone had sent the legal team a picture of himself and a guy he had had lunch with who turned out to be an employee of Tita Sardines. “Then, they also saw an email about Camilahat sent from my computer. And the recipient was from Tita Sardines.”

“How did that happen?”

“I really have no idea, Bonita. I only just found out today that the guy I met works for Tita Sardines. That, I can explain to them. But the email? I don’t know how to explain that.”

The Mean Squad were in the washroom, brushing themselves up. Nica asked whether Marga’s meeting with the disciplinary committee was over.

“Maybe. And I don’t really care,” Nadya jibed.

Maureen was still worried. “She might have said something about us.”

“She doesn’t have any proof that we were involved,” Nadya declared. “It’s her word against ours.”

“So you really know something about what happened?” Cassie asked, coming out of nowhere and startling the girls.

Nadya gave her a look. “And so? What you gonna do? Better yet, is there anything you can do?”

“Why are you doing this to Marga? To think she’s still trying to protect you?”

“Protect? Cassie, wake up. If Marga’s protecting anyone here, it’s just herself. It was her plan to begin with.”

“What are you talking about?” Cassie asked, confused.

“It was her idea to take a copy of the exam,” Nadya revealed. “And her target was you.”

Cassie was bug-eyed, her eyes wide and unblinking with shock.

“The only thing I don’t care about is you,” Nadya went on. “So I switched it and transfered it to Marga’s bag instead. You should actually be thanking me. Because I saved you.”

Nica was smiling and Maureen still had that guilty look on her face as Cassie stared at them in silence. She was speechless now, and she still hadn’t recoverd from the shock.

Credit: Stephen Yeboah



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