THE HEIRESS: Tonight (Friday) On Episode 29


At Camila, Romina ran into Bonita and she asked how the interrogation had gone. Mina told her that she had spoken to all the employees and no one really knew who leaked the file, and they were also wandering why Neil was being blamed for it.

“Why don’t you just ask the legal team? They are handling the investigation right now. Maybe they have a lead.”

“No, I can’t ask them Bonita,” Mina said. “Neil is my brother, and they might think am doing something to influence them and help Neil earn their favor.”

“So what now?”

“I’ll think of a different approach. I will not stop until my name and my brother’s names are cleared from this issue”

“I’ve been telling you that Daniela has something to do with this. Am sure of that.”

“But we would need really strong evidence to prove that, Bonita.”

“So what does that mean?”

“If someone knows what Daniela is capable of, it’s me. Suspicions aren’t enough to accuse her, Bonita. Accusing her is declaring war against her, and I can’t just go to war without any weapons.”

“That wasn’t part of the agreement,” Daniela said to the guy she had leaked the Camilahat files to. “The deal was that my father wouldn’t find out I gave the file.” The guy told her that his boss had only requested to have her investigated, and she had no choice but to follow him.

“He doesn’t scare me,” Daniela hissed. “Yes, I was surprised to see him here. If he wants to use me too, then so be it. He will learn soon enough that he can’t just fool me.” She had a call from her father and excused herself to answer it. “Yes, dad?”

“Come to the office now. We’ve got something to talk about.”

Romina was waiting in Robert’s office when Daniela arrived. She asked whether she knew why her father had called them there. Mina told her she had no idea. Robert entered the office and asked them to sit.

“Is there a problem, Robert?” Mina asked.

“Well… actually it’s really not a problem. It’s good news.” Daniela glanced at Mina. “The board has decided to pursue the new product line focusing on children.”

Daniela was excited. “Dad, that’s great news. You didn’t have to make us worry for nothing.”

“But you wouldn’t look this bothered if there wasn’t a catch,” Mina commented.

“Well, you just have to prepare two separate presentations,” Robert announced.

Daniela chuckled. “Dad, I don’t see any problem with that.”

“Daniela, I just want to make this clear. I don’t want this to be a competition between the both of you, especially now that you had a very successful launch as a team.”

“Dad, are you worried about a catfight between me and Romina? You don’t need to. It’ll just be a friendly competition between the two of us.”

“Dad you know me,” Danny girl cut in. “I never back down from any challenge. And a little rivalry between the two of us wouldn’t hurt, right Romina?”

“Of course.”

Daniela met up with Savannah. The bratty lapdog was happy for Danny girl because Danny girl now had a chance to prove that she was better than Romina.

“She should have backed down when she had the chance,” Daniela said.

“Wait, but what about Mr. Louie?”

Danny girl chuckled. “I’ll deal with him. In time, I’ll have an upper hand against him, and I would be the one pulling the strings.”

“So, you mean you’ll continue your deals with him?”

“Relax, Savannah. I know what am doing.”

“Okay. But I’ll just remind you, Danny girl, they are your company’s direct competition.”

“I know, but since I can simply give him all of Romina’s projects, it won’t affect me. Am actually killing two birds with one stone; am happy, he’s happy, and Romina will be miserable so I’ll be even happier.”

“Danny girl…”

“I just have to get her out of the way.”

“Danny, this will affect your company,” Savannah pointed out.

“That’s the thing; this isn’t about the company. I just want that woman out of my life.”

Myrna complained to Kulas about Jessa coming there too often with car problems. Kulas stared at her in question and Myrna told him she wasn’t insinuating anything, and she just wanted to know where she stood in his life.

“I understand that you’re accepting me in this family again,” Myrna began. “But that doesn’t mean things between us is okay.”

“She’s just having her car fixed,” Kulas said. ” l won’t do the same thing you did. Am not like you.”

“You don’t need to hide anything from me. I completely understand the situation. I just want to know the truth so I know how to respond to our children if they ask.”

“We’re just friends,” Kulas insisted. “There’s nothing between us.”

At the mansion, Carlos was going through some files when he saw Mina descending from the stairs. He asked her if she was familiar with the procedure of canning meat products because he couldn’t understand the terminologies.

“Am not an expert but am a bit familiar with it,” Mina said.

“Can you help me with this?”

“Let me see it.” Mina went through the files.

Outside, Robert and Daniela arrived at the mansion. Robert asked if she had been drinking and Daniela said she had just been with Savannah. Meanwhile, Mina was still going through the files when some papers fell. Carlos bent down to pick it up and Mina did same.

Daniela and Robert entered the mansion. “So, I was explaining to Sava…” She noticed Carlos and Mina still bent down. Close to each other. “What the hell?!”

Mina and Carlos turned to see Daniela and Robert staring at them. They rose to their feet.

“Excuse me but what do you think you’re doing?” Danny girl demanded.

“Daniela…” Carlos began.

Danny girl scoffed. “Don’t tell me you were just talking because your faces were too close to each other. And as far as I remember, both of you aren’t deaf. You don’t need to talk that close just to hear each other.”

“Daniela, that’s enough,” Robert said.

“Romina was just helping me out,” Carlos explained. “She was explaining something about work that I don’t understand. The papers fell on the floor, and that’s what you saw.”

“Do you really have to be that close to do that?”

“We both picked up the papers at the same time,” Mina added. “That’s all you actually saw.”

Danny girl looked like she wanted to say more. “Come on. Everybody calm down,” Robert cut in. “Daniela, they’ve already explained what happened. Let’s not put malice where there isn’t one.”

“Fine.” Danny girl stormed off. Carlos went after her while Mina stared at Robert.

“Let’s go to bed,” Robert said. “Am tired.”

In the bedroom, Robert had a flashback of the day Romina had introduced Carlos to him as her boyfriend.

Mina walked over to him slowly. He had his back to her. “Robert, please don’t tell me that you’re doubting me as well. I would never do that to you.”

Robert turned to face her. “Romina, I trust you, but now…I completely understand why Daniela is that jealous. You and Carlos are getting closer. Too close for comfort, considering the history between you two.”

“Robert, please believe me. I was just helping Carlos but it won’t happen again. From now on, I will keep my distance,” Mina promised, almost on the brink of tears. “I will never break your trust in me. Please believe me.”

“It’s okay. Come.” Robert gave her a hug, blinking back tears.

Daniela stormed into their room and Carlos followed. “Did you like it?” Danny girl asked. “Tell me, did you enjoy kissing Romina?”

“Romina and I weren’t kissing. Do you really not trust me after everything?”

“Can you blame me? I keep seeing you with Romina ever since we moved to this house. What?! Are you doing this on purpose?”

“Will you stop it, Daniela, am not doing anything wrong. Is that really how you think about me? Do you want me to leave this house? Fine, let’s leave right now.”

Daniela went after him. “Carlos, no. Stop it.”

“You know, I can’t understand you. I don’t know what else to do to keep you from getting jealous.”

“Easy. Just stay away from her, because the next time I see you two together, she won’t just be picking up documents off the floor. She’ll be picking up her face too, and that’s going to be on you.” Danny girl stormed out and banged the door behind.

The next morning, Mina helped Esther in the kitchen. She asked Mina if something had happened last night since she had heard people shouting. Mina told her not to worry about it because she had just had a misunderstanding with Daniela.

Neil walked over to them. “Why are you still here, Romina? I thought you had an early meeting about that new product line.”

Mina chuckled. “Am just finishing this, then I’ll leave. Cassie’s friends will be coming here over tonight,” she announced.

“You’re more excited than your daughter,” Neil mentioned.

Mina then asked if there was any update on the investigation. Neil told her he hadn’t heard anything yet. He asked her to focus on the new product line and Mina promised to put him back on the team once his name was being cleared.

Marga walked into Cassie’s room and started mocking her and her friends, saying that they couldn’t cure stupidity. Cassie told her she was too happy today to pay any attention to her side remarks. Esther came in and told Cassie that her friends had arrived. Fatima and LJ came in and Cassie gave them a hug.

“I thought you’d be here a little later,” Cassie said.

“Fatima kept bugging me to get ready since last night,” LJ explained. “I was scared she’d come here alone last night.”

“Am sorry,” Fatima said, beaming. “I was so excited last night.”

Marga who still stood by her bed chuckled. “So annoying.”

Cassie gave her a look. “Marga.”

“Am sorry, did I say that out loud? I thought I was just thinking it. Anyway, am leaving before I catch whatever disease the three of you have.” Marga stared at Fatima and LJ. “Touch my things and the both of you are dead. Enjoy.” She rolled her eyes at them and walked out.

Cassie, Fatima and LJ left to go study at the poolside. Mina watched from inside as Cassie studied with her friends at the poolside. Bonita joined her. She had brought along cake since it was Cassie’s first sleepover.

“I thought you’d wait for her to turn eighteen before you gave her some permission,” Bonita said.

Mina turned to her in surprise. “Hey, that’s really mean.”

“What? Am just telling the truth here.” She then mentioned the countless times they had had sleepovers at so many places when they were kids.

Mina smiled. “I remember. And now, I think I realize what she’s been missing.” She glanced at Cassie and her friends. “I think I’ve never seen her this happy. Now I can understand why she got upset with me. But Bonita, am just afraid she’ll make a mistake.”

“Romina, we all make mistakes. But we learn from them. That’s why you should let Cassie experience the normal life of a teenager, instead of letting her miss out and have regrets later on.”

Mina was now staring at Cassie and her friends again. “You shouldn’t be so strict all the time,” Bonita went on. “If she stumbles, help her get back on her feet. If she gets wounded, treat her wounds. Those wounds heal, but the ‘what ifs’ will take forever to be answered. She might even resent you for it.”

A moment later, Caasie and her friends feasted on the cake by the poolside.

“I thought my brain would explode,” LJ commented.

Cassie mentioned that it was her mother who had told her that they needed to take a break when studying. “Especially if we’re reviewing different subjects because that way, our minds will be refreshed.”

Marga stormed out of the house and noticed them. She deliberately poured a glass of juice over the papers which lay on the table. “Oops. It spilled,” she taunted.

Cassie stormed over to her. “Marga, you’re already too much.” She tried wiping away the juice with her hands.

“It was an accident, and it’s not my fault that you just left your notes around.”

Fatima frowned at her. “No need to deny it, Marga. We caught you in the act.”

“Why, fat? Do you have proof? Did you see it yourself?”

“We don’t need proof, Marga,” LJ added. “We already know you.”

Marga folded her arms. “Ohh…so you’re all ganging up on me.”

Cassie couldn’t believe it. “It’s your fault but you’re the one who’s angry?”

“I wouldn’t get mad if you weren’t ganging up on me. And you…” Marga stormed over to LJ. “Who you are, talking back at me, huh?” she hissed, shoving her in the head.

“Stop it, Marga.” Cassie managed to get her away from LJ. While trying to keep her back, Cassie accidentally pushed Marga into the pool. She reached out her hand to help her out. “Marga, am sorry. I didn’t mean to.”

Marga swam over and pretending to take her hand, she forcefully yanked Cassie into the pool. She glared and Cassie stared at her in surprise. “Did you do this because I pushed you into the pool before? You can’t fool me, Cassie.”

“No, Marga. I was trying to help you.”

“Admit it. You did it on purpose.”

Cassie angrily hit the water with her hand and began swimming away.

Marga grabbed her from behind. “Where do you think you’re going?” she hissed, pulling her hair. “We’re not done here. You wanna fight back? You think you can beat me?”

Fatima and LJ called out for help and Esther came running over. Carlos followed a second later.

Marga kept pulling Cassie’s hair. “Come on. Show me what you got, you little b*tch.”

“That’s enough. Stop fighting,” Esther demanded.

“It was Cassie,” Marga accused. “She pushed me.”

Carlos stepped in front of Esther.


“What’s going on here?” Carlos asked.

“Daddy, help.” Marga kept on with her act of being so fragile and Cassie stared at her in wonder. “It was Cassie. She pushed me.”

Cassie turned to stare at Carlos. She glared at Marga.

Mina and her team discussed about the new product line focusing on children. A guy suggested that they hold the preference of the parents the highest since they would be the ones who would be buying the products for their kids. Mina was against the idea, explaining that the main target were the children and they also had to consider what they wanted.

“According to the studies we’ve made, most parents are forced to buy food their kids actually like,” Mina added.

A woman suggested that they stick to what was on the market like hotdogs and sausages. Mina said they had to come up with something new or the kids would stick to the old food they were used to.

“Who among you has children?” Mina asked. Some of them raised their hands. “What are your children’s favorite food?”

“Yummy food,” one said.

“Food that is good and catches their attention,” another said.

“That’s it,” Mina noted. “That’ll be our new brand line for the kids. We’ll give them food that is delicious and would get their attention while still giving the parents what’s important to them as well.”

Back at the mansion, Cassie and Marga were now out of the pool, all warmed up.

“Well? Would anybody care to tell me what happened?” Carlos asked.

“Daddy, Cassie started it,” Marga accused. “She pushed me into the pool.”

“Marga, I told you I didn’t do it on purpose,” Cassie said. “I was just defending LJ.”

Marga went on with her ‘good girl act’. “Daddy, she pushed me,” she said in that unusually timid voice.

“Sorry Mr. Carlos, but what Marga has told you is not the truth,” Fatima began. “We actually saw everything that happened.”

“Shut up, fat!” Marga hissed. “Of course you’d take Cassie’s side.”

Carlos was shocked with her daughter’s behavior. “Marga.”

“Daddy am sorry. They’re just ganging up on me.”

“Marga we didn’t do anything to you,” Cassie objected. “You spilled juice on our reviews. And you hurt LJ first too.”

Marga rolled her eyes.

“It’s true. Marga’s the one who pushed me,” LJ muttered. “Cassie was just defending me.”

“You’re lying. Daddy, that’s not true.”

On Carlos’ request, Esther left with Cassie and her friends.

“Daddy… you believe me, right?”

Carlos stared. “Marga, I saw how you spoke to nanny Esther and Caasie’s friends. If you were in my position, do you think I will believe you?”

“Of course. Am your daughter.”

“Then what you’re doing is wrong, Marga. You know this isn’t our house. You shouldn’t fight with Cassie or anyone else. Do you understand?”

Marga frowned and looked away.

Carlos shook some sense into her. “Do you understand, Margaret?!”

“Yes, daddy.”

“I may be your father, but I won’t tolerate this. If you do this again, you’ll be grounded…get inside, change your clothes and apologize to them.”

Nanny Esther brought Cassie some juice after she had taken a bath. Cassie had caught a cold. She apologized for what Marga had done to her earlier and Esther told her it hadn’t been her fault.

“I didn’t want things to end like this,” Cassie said. “But sometimes, Marga always tries so hard to make me angry. She gets on my nerves, no matter how hard I try to avoid her. Am even embarrassed because you saw what happened at the pool earlier. You know, you’re like a second mother to me.” Cassie smiled at her.

“And you’re like a daughter to me,” Esther said with a smile of her own. “If I was able to take care of Marga like I did you, then maybe I would be able to guide her more.”

“Don’t be sad, nanny, cheer up.” Cassie made a smiley gesture with her hand. “Smile.”

Esther smiled and Cassie laughed. She then asked her not to tell her parents about what had happened so they didn’t get worried. Esther said she couldn’t promise that, but she wouldn’t say anything if only they didn’t ask.

Romina and Bonita took a tea break after the meeting. They were both excited with Mina’s idea for the new product line. Bonita asked her to promise that she would beat Daniela and Mina said she would do her best. “But it’s not because am competing with Daniela. Am doing this for the company.”

“I understand, madam VP. But please do us all a favor; beat Daniela okay? Please. Please.” Mina laughed and told her to keep her voice down. “Cheers for her defeat,” Bonita teased, clinking her coffee cup with Mina’s in a toast.

Cassie joined Fatima and LJ in the study room. Fatima mentioned that Marga had stressed her out there and Cassie apologized for what happened.

Fatima smiled. “It’s okay. It’s not your fault anyway.” The smile on her face disappeared suddenly.

Marga stood by staring at them, her arms folded defiantly.

“We don’t want any trouble, Marga,” LJ said. “So stop following us.”

“Excuse me. Am not following you. I also live here, remember?” Marga looked out the door to see her father staring at her. She turned back to the girls and sighed. “…I am sorry.” The girls were shocked. “Enjoy your sleepover.” Marga walked out.

“You guys heard that, right?” LJ asked, smiling. “She said sorry to us?”

“She did, LJ,” Cassie said. She asked that they accept it and forget what had happened. Esther came to inform them that the food was ready and they left the study room for the dining table.

Marga sneaked into the study room. She took all the notes and reviews Cassie and her friends had made. “Enjoy the best sleepover of your life,” she thought to herself. “That is if you can sleep trying to look for these.” Marga then sneaked out with the papers.

A moment later, Cassie was frantically searching for the reviewers. Fatima and LJ entered the study room and asked what was wrong. Cassie explained that her reviewers had gone missing. LJ mentioned that the maids might have accidentally thrown it away and Cassie told her she had already asked the maids and none of them had seen it.

“Then where did it go?” LJ wondered out loud.

Cassie asked them to help her find it. All three of them began searching.

“Where did it go?” LJ was saying to herself. “I can’t find it.” And then it dawned on her. LJ stopped searching, a look of shock on her face now. She turned to Cassie and Fatima. “This is it, Cassie. This is Marga’s way of getting back at us. She’s behind this. She wants us to go on a treasure hunt for your reviewers.”

Marga arrived at a shop, talking to Maureen on phone. She told her that she was waiting for her and a confused Maureen said she was at home.

“My gosh. Did you forget about our group study?” Marga criticized. “Or were you daydreaming when I mentioned that?”

“Oh, am sorry Marga,” Maureen said. “It slipped my mind. Why don’t you call Nica and Nadya?”

“I can’t. They backed out, so come here. Now, alright?”

“But Marga…”

Marga hanged up and Maureen smiled to herself back at her house.

“Your order, ma’am,” a waiter said, placing a plate of food in front of her.

Marga looked up, surprised. “Krisroff? Why are you wearing that?”

“Because I work here,” Krisroff revealed.

“What? Don’t tell me your family’s struggling too.”

“No, it was my decision,” Krisroff explained. “Am saving up money so I thought of getting a part-time job here.”

“Okay. And your dad allowed you?”

“Actually… I kinda forged the signature for the parents’ consent so please, don’t tell anyone that am working here. My dad finds out about this, the shop will be in big big trouble.”

“I see. Sure. You can trust me.”


“Yeah.” Marga held up her hand, laughing. “Wanna pinky swear to prove it?”

“Thanks, Marga.”

Marga then asked to have her order packaged so she could take it along.

Krisroff seemed confused. “Why? I thought you’d be studying here. You’ve got your study notes,” he pointed out.

“My friends bailed out on me,” Marga explained. “So it’s better I just head home.”

“Too bad. If you want, I can keep you company.”


“My shift is almost over and… I need a study buddy. Let’s study together, if that’s alright with you.”


Back in the study room at the mansion, Cassie was having Q&A with Fatima and LJ. She asked a question and they both sprang up to their feet, hands raised. Cassie then asked them to answer the question at exactly the same time. “One. Two. Three. Go.”

“C!” Fatima and LJ both yelled together.

“Very good,” Cassie commented excitedly, jumping up and down with them. Fatima and LJ told her that it was fun studying with her.

“Your old classmates were lucky to have you study with them,” LJ said. “Like what happened to the reviewers, you didn’t get panicked. You just made a new one from scratch.”

“I wish. But this is actually my first time doing something like this. I didn’t get the chance to study with my old classmates.”

“But have you tried going on a field trip or camping?” Fatima asked.

“Yes. At school activities, but never with friends. Tope was the only friend I used to hang out with since he always visited me here.”

Romina stood outside the door to the study room, listening.

“But after he went to the US, I was always by myself,” Cassie added.

“Why? Is it because your mom’s really strict?” LJ asked.

“Mama’s just worried about me. So from now on, I won’t do anything that will worry her even more.”

“But don’t you ever feel lonely?” Fatima asked. “I feel lonely for you.”

Cassie was silence silent for a while. “Of course I do. Sometimes I feel like I am missing out on a lot of things. So I hope I can do more of this. Anyway, here’s the next question…”

Neil joined Mina at the door to the study room. Mina asked her brother if she was really that strict with Cassie.

“Yes, Romina. Sometimes. Even more.”

“I need to make it up to her. I have an idea.”

Marga and Krisroff had Q&A at the shop. Krisroff answered the first 4 questions correctly. He struggled with the 5th.

“True or false?” Marga asked.


“5 seconds left…4…3…2…1.”

“‘Trualse'” Krisroff said.

Marga was amused. “What? ‘Trualse’?”

“I wasn’t sure what the answer was. So my answer is true and false. 50-50.”

Marga smiled. “That doesn’t count.”

“It’s your fault. You made me panic,” Krisroff teased. “You know what? You’re fun. You’re a good study buddy.”

“What? Is that all? Am the best study buddy you’ll ever get.”

“And there’s the real Marga,” Krisroff teased again.

Marga laughed. “‘Trualse,” she teased back.

Daniela sneaked into Romina’s office at Camila. She went over to Mina’s desk and tried to break into her laptop. No luck. Danny girl then glanced at Mina and Robert’s wedding picture. She typed in a another password and she was in. Danny girl smiled to herself wickedly. “So predictable,” she said to herself. She plugged in a flash drive and began transferring Mina’s files on the new product line. When she was done, she removed the flash drive and opened the door.


Danny girl froze.

“I mean, Miss Daniela,” Bonita said. “What are you doing in Romina’s office?”

“Um…I just wanted to run through something with Romina but she already left,” Daniela claimed.

Bonita looked suspicious.

“Wait, why am I explaining to you? This is none of your business. Move on.” Daniela walked away.

Robert arrived home after Neil came in, holding a bag. Mina greeted her husband and he asked what was going on. Mina told him that she was planning a surprise for Cassie, adding that since it was her first sleepover with her friends, she wanted it to be a memorable one to make up for being too strict with her.

“That’s a good plan,” Robert said. “How can I help?”

Myrna met up with Jessa at an undisclosed location. Jessa mentioned that Myrna’s husband was very easy to fool. “Just give him a little attention and he’ll think you’re into him.”

“That’s why am asking you to stop it,” Myrna pleaded. “Even my children have noticed the way Kulas looks at you.”

“You’re jealous, aren’t you?”

“Am not jealous, Jessa. Why would I be?”

“You’re jealous,” Jessa repeated. “Myrna, you don’t have to worry. Am just leading Kulas on so that they don’t realize that you’re fooling them for cash.”

Myrna nodded.


Myrna turned. “Jude. Wha-what are you doing here?”

“What about you, ma?” Jude demanded. “What are you doing here? And why are you two together?”

Myrna was at a loss for words. “Ah…” She turned to Jessa for.

“Your mother was asking me for help,” Jessa said.

“Help? With what, ma?”

“I have a friend who works at the charity office,” Jessa went on. “Am taking her there tomorrow?”

Jude seemed confused. “Charity office? For what?”

“She needs financial assistance for her treatment.”


“She has cancer. Your mother has cancer.”

Jude was shocked. Myrna turned to stare at Jessa and she looked away.

Daniela arrived back home and Carlos told her that he was worried because Marga had gone out without telling him where she was going.

“She called me earlier, Carlos,” Daniela revealed. “She said she’s studying with her friends.”

“Jeez. I don’t believe that kid.”

“What happened this time? Did you scold her again?”

“She fought with Cassie and they both fell into the pool.”


“Daniela, don’t make it worse. I already fixed the matter between them… let’s hurry and move to the new house. Cassie and Marga are fighting often now.”

Daniela sighed. “We will move out, Carlos, just don’t rush me. After Marga’s exams. I don’t want her to get distracted from studying.”

“After Marga’s exams, we’ll move to the new house.”


Daniela asked about work and she was glad to know that Carlos would be staring work on Monday. Carlos promised to help out once he got settled at work and Daniela assured him that things would go their way very soon.

“Did you stay here all day?” Danny girl asked.

“Of course. I have nowhere else to go.”

“How about Romina?”

“Daniela, we don’t stay in the same place. And how many times do I have to tell you that you have no reason to be jealous?”

“Am just making sure.”

Kulas walked into a dramatic scene at home. He asked what was going on and Myrna told him that their sons knew about her condition.

“Why didn’t you tell us that mom was sick?” Jude cried. “I had to hear it from Jessa, someone who was not related to us.”

“Jessa?” Kulas turned to his wife for an explanation.

“But Jude, she knows someone who can help us out,” Myrna said.

“Does Carlos also know about this?” Jude asked.

“Yes, he does.” Myrna replied.

“How bad is it?”

“What do you mean?”

“What stage stage is it?”

“Stage?…um…we…ah… it’s been a while since I last went to see the doctor.”

“You need to, ma,” Jude said. “How much more do you need for your treatment so I can ask for financial help?”

“Mom, we’ll do everything to help you get better,” Gino cried.

“Stop crying, Gino,” Kulas criticized. “Act like a man. We’ll find a way. Your tears aren’t gonna help.”

Ignoring his father’s words, Gino hugged his mother and cried some more.

Back at the mansion, Cassie asked Esther why they were having dinner by the pool.

“You’ll see. Let’s go there now because dinner is ready,” Esther said. “Am sure you’ll enjoy what we prepared.”

“Come on, Cassie,” Fatima urged. “Am excited to see what they did.” She pulled Cassie along and LJ and Esther followed.

Romina, Robert and Neil had set up a tent by the poolside. There was fire burning nearby. They had transformed the place into a camp. Cassie and the girls were excited. Robert stood by a stove, grilling some kind of food.

“Mama. Daddy. What is all of this?” Cassie asked.

“This is what you call semi-camping, courtesy of your uncle Neil,” Robert replied.

Neil explained that they used to do it most at times when they lived at Novatas when they were younger. “Do you like it?”

“Yes uncle Neil. Thank you so much. But…why did you do all this?”

“So you can experience what it’s like to spend time with your friends outside,” Mina said. “Now you can do whatever you want all night long. And we won’t get in your way.”

Cassie was excited. “Really?”

“Yep.” Robert gestured with his hand like a magician putting on a show. “If you want to sleep inside, you can. All night.”

Cassie and her friends jumped up in excitement.

“The whole night,” Robert added.

Cassie thanked both her parents and gave them each a hug.

“I know you missed out on a lot,” Mina said to her. “This is my way of making it up to you.”

Marga walked in on the scene and asked what was going on.

“We set up a camp for Cassie’s first sleepover,” Neil announced.

“Marga,” Robert said, walking over to her. “This is going to be fun. Come on. Join them.”

“No, thanks, grandpa. Am not a big fan of camping. I’d rather sleep inside.”

“There’s lots of food.”

“Am good, grandpa.”

“You sure?”

Marga nodded and walked away.

Robert turned to Cassie and the others. “Okay. The food’s ready. Let’s eat.”

CREDIT : Stephen Yeboah



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