THE GOOD SON : Tonight (TUESDAY 27) on Episode 37


Today’s episode starts with Joseph telling Raquel that he would fulfil the dreams that his father had for him once they resolved Victor’s case.

Arthur tried to talk to Raquel and asked her to confide in him if he had any problems but Raquel told him to be good to Obet and not hurt him like he had done with her.

As Obet was leaving, he dropped the Dyslexia pamphlet that Sabina had given him and Raquel saw it. She asked him about it and Obet said he had a reading condition which was why he had a hard time at school. Raquel was sad that they weren’t able to find out about it before since they could have done something about it. Obet told her that she wanted to get checked to see if he could get better and Raquel agreed to support him.

After Obet left, Raquel told Joseph about Obet’s condition and he too agreed to help so that Obet could get better. Raquel was making some food and she told Joseph that she was going to take it to Emma and Hazel. Joseph said he would accompany Raquel to their house.

Enzo asked Olivia how they could help the police find Dado but she said that she didn’t know anything about where he could be. Enzo told her that since she had claimed to be Dado’s friend, it was impossible that she couldn’t think of a place where Dado could be hiding. He added that Olivia too had a hand in Victor’s death due to her involvement with Dado. Olivia said she loved Victor and was at awe that Enzo would think that she killed Victor. Enzo told Olivia that they were not going anywhere until Victor’s case was resolved. They stopped fighting when Matilda joined them and Enzo walked away.

Matilda told Olivia that they needed to look for Dado and get him convicted and Olivia asked where they were going to look for him. Matilda said that they would go to the only place where Dado was welcome.

Raquel and Joseph visited Emma and Hazel and gave them the food they had brought. Raquel asked Hazel to go to school with Joseph and they were about to leave when Matilda and Olivia arrived. They asked Emma where Dado was hiding and Emma said they didn’t know. She added that they were the ones who reported him so they couldn’t have hidden him. Matilda accused Emma and Hazel of conspiring with Dado and even Raquel to kill Victor so that they could keep his money but Emma answered back and said that Olivia was the one who got Dado implicated after their affair was revealed. Olivia slapped Emma and Raquel asked her to stop it since Emma had nothing to do with what Dado did. Oliva told Matilda that they should leave.

Joseph went with Hazel to school and asked her not to worry since Raquel would take care of Emma. They saw Enzo who completely ignored Hazel since she was Dado’s daughter. The other students at school began to talk ill of Hazel and Joseph consoled her. She asked him why he defended her and Joseph told her that he had gone through the same thing and they shouldn’t have to pay for their parents mistakes.

Olivia badgered her financial manager to transfer the company’s funds to her accounts but he told her that they had to do it slowly so that they wouldn’t catch Anthony’s attention.

Romeo got the DNA results to the hair sample they collected at Calmenares’ house and it only matched Dado by 88%. Romeo said that it should have been 99% if the hair sample belonged to Dado. This therefore meant that Dado was with a relative on the day that Calmenares was attacked.

Obet was scouted by a talent scout for a commercial as he was selling coffee and given an appointment for a go-see.

Arthur visited some of his friends and they offered him a drug dealing job. He refused it saying that he didn’t want to go back to prison.

Arthur brought some lunch to Raquel at the office but she refused to eat it saying that she had a meeting. Arthur took the chance to talk to Anthony and asked that he stay away from Raquel.

As he was leaving, he ran into Olivia and she threatened to have him thrown out if he went to the company again. She also told him that her offer to testify against Raquel still stood if he was interested.

Olivia told Enzo to report her to the police if he thought she was guilty because she was getting tired of his cold treatment. She thought he wouldn’t do it because she was innocent but Enzo said he couldn’t do it because she was his mother. She asked her not to push him since he might end up forgetting that he was his mother.

The police went to see Olivia and she complained again since they wouldn’t give her any peace. They said that they needed to ask her if she knew any of Dado’s relatives because his DNA sample matched at 88% which meant that he was with a relative that evening. That was where today’s episode ended.




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