THE GOOD SON: Tonight (Thursday 22nd April) on Episode 34

The good son 2

We start the episode for tonight with Joseph hearing the commotion on the other end of the line as he was speaking to Calmenares. He got off the phone and called Anthony to tell him what happened and ask for Calmenares’ address. Anthony gave it to him and they decided to meet at the house.

When Joseph arrived at Calmenares house, he was being taken to the hospital and was beaten up pretty badly. The police found out that the video Calmenares had recorded of Joseph and Enzo was missing along with his gun. They were however able to find a lock of hair which they suspected was from the person who attacked Calmenares.

Anthony arrived and drove Joseph home. They told everyone at the house that Calmenares was badly injured and Matias said that they had to be careful after what happened.

Dado arrived home late and tried to bury the stuff he had stolen from Calmenares’ house. Emma heard someone in the back yard and woke up to check but Dado hid from her. After she went back to sleep, Dado went back to bury the stuff and then changed his shirt that was smeared in blood. He went into the house to wash his hands and Emma heard him. She wanted to know why he was home late and Dado said he was working. Emma was inquisitive and Dado told her to stop nagging him and go back to sleep. He went outside and threw away the blood stained shirt that he had been wearing.

At breakfast, Joseph asked Raquel for permission to go see Calmenares at the hospital. Raquel agreed so Joseph asked Enzo to go with him. Enzo however said that he would go another time.

Hazel noticed Joseph seemed disturbed at school so she asked Enzo what happened. He told her about Calmenares and that Joseph was on the phone with him when it happened. He then asked why Hazel seemed concerned about Joseph and Hazel said it was natural for her to worry since Joseph was her friend.

Cal asked Enzo to go home when he saw him at school. He told Enzo Olivia was worried after she learned that he talked to the police and Enzo learnt that Cal had told Olivia about him talking to Calmenares.

At the office, Olivia apologized to Raquel for causing a scene at her house and asked that she understand her as a mother since she was only worried about Enzo. She also asked Raquel to sign some papers for her and Raquel said she would pick them from her secretary. (Olivia already received the papers that would transfer Joseph’s shares to her name and wants to trick Olivia into signing them.)

The police went to talk to Olivia and Matilda about their whereabouts on the day that Calmenares was attacked. They both said they were at home. Dado was questioned too and he said he was at home with his wife.

Olivia was worried about what happened to Calmenares and she reprimanded Dado for hurting him. She was worried that Calmenares would wake up from his coma and reveal everything so Dado said that he would take care of it.

The police visited Emma to ask if Dado was with her on the night that Calmenares was attacked and she said that Dado was with her the entire night.

Joseph and Anthony visited Calmenares at the hospital and they relayed their concern to his brother Romeo as well as his daughter. Romeo took Calmenares’ daughter to the chapel and left Joseph and Anthony taking care of Calmenares. Anthony had to take a call and Joseph was left alone with Joseph.

Calmenares woke up briefly but suddenly suffered a seizure so Joseph went to get the doctor. There was a commotion at the hospital during that time as Dado turned on the fire alarm to create a distraction.

After a while, Calmenares was pronounced dead since the doctors couldn’t revive him.

Enzo went home to get his stuff and Olivia tried to beg him to stay home. Enzo however said that she might be the person behind Calmenares’ attack and Olivia took offense since Enzo thought she was capable of killing someone. She began to cry and Calvin was the one who consoled her.

Enzo went to his room to get his stuff and Matilda went to talk to him. She managed to convince him to stay at the house since they were a family and needed to take care of each other. Joseph then called Enzo to tell him that Calmenares was dead.

Joseph was distraught after Calmenares’ death since he was the only hope they had of solving Victor’s case. Anthony told him to see it a life lesson instead and Joseph said that he had learnt that life moved too quickly and he shouldn’t have wasted time holding on to his grudge against his father. He added that he would live as if each day was his last because he didn’t want to regret anything.

That was where today’s episode ended…




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