THE BETTER HALF: Monday 17th May on Today’s Episode

The Better Half

Today’s episode starts with Marco receiving a call from Clarita. She thanked him for letting Bianca go visit them in the Philippines.

Marco said that he wanted to visit them as well but he had to stay because Julia had therapy. Clarita told him that he should visit them for Alfredo’s birthday. Marco said he would visit them and Clarita asked him not to tell Bianca about it.

Bianca met Camille who greeted her warmly and they got into Rafael’s car for the site visit. Camille was chatty as she wanted to know more about the project. She said that she liked the location and hoped that she could get one of the properties for her family. Bianca sat stiffly in the car as she feigned being uncomfortable from the heat. Camille asked Rafael to turn on the air conditioner and gave Bianca some wet wipes so that she could wipe off the sweat.

They stopped to walk around and look at the site but Bianca feigned being tired. She said that she had a head ache and it was too hot so she asked her colleague to tour Rafael around. She sat down on a branch to rest and Camille said that she would stay with her. Bianca was exasperated and told Bianca that she would be fine alone but Camille insisted on staying with her. Rafael asked Camille to call him if she needed anything and Camille stayed back to give Bianca some medicine.

Bianca was paranoid the entire time she was with Camille and even though of pushing her down a slope. Camille had a chat with Bianca and asked her questions about her life in America. Bianca told Camille that she and Marco were high school sweethearts and they had a 5 year old daughter called Julia. Marco called Bianca but she rejected the call and told Camille that it was an unknown number.

When Rafael came back, he and Camille left but not before she bid Bianca a warm goodbye. Rafael even commented on how well Camille seemed to get along with Bianca.

Bianca was devastated when she got back home. She was afraid that Camille would learn the truth if she ever found out about Marco. Alfredo understood her predicament and said that he would let Bianca fly back to America and handle the rest of their transactions. Bianca told him that she would not leave him when he needed her the most so she would stay until the contracts were signed.

The Cabrera group organized a huge event for the contract signing and Helen took Camille out with her so that they could go shopping for a dress. She told Camille that she had to get used to socializing because she was the wife of a CEO.

At the party, Bianca brought Alfredo and Clarita with her and introduced them to Rafael, Camille, Luicito and Helen. The event went along well with Rafael and Bianca presenting the project to the guests and the press. They finalized the deal by signing the contracts.

Marco planned on surprising Bianca so he flew to the Philippines with Julia. He stopped by the reception to ask them to take care of his luggage and in the midst of it, he lost Julia, Julia followed a woman thinking that it was Bianca and got lost in the lobby.

Camille went out to the bathroom and ran into a girl who was crying. The girls said that her name was Julia and she had lost her dad. Camille said that she would help her and when the girl said that they were there to surprise her mother, Camille realized that she was Bianca’s daughter.

Marco went into the events room and Bianca panicked when she saw him. She rushed him out of the room and asked him what he was doing there. Marco said that they wanted to surprise her but he lost Julia. They split up to look for her and it was Bianca who found Julia with Camille. She took Julia with her and hurriedly said thank you to Camille. She was walking away when Marco appeared and called out Pangga!

Camille and Bianca both turned and saw Marco. He approached them, went past Camille and then to Bianca. Camille was too surprised to speak but she kept calling out Marco. Rafael joined them and found Camille in a daze. Marco noticed Camille looking at him and asked if they knew each other. Before Camille could answer, someone came to tell them that Rafael and Bianca were needed inside. Rafael tool Camille’s hand and walked away with her while Bianca took the opportunity to leave with Marco. Camille was still in a daze and she stopped to tell Rafael that the man with Bianca was Marco! That was where today’s episode ended.




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