StoneBwoy: Contesting elections as an independent candidate is a waste of time


Stonebwoy, the Ghanaian dancehall artist, has said that he will not contest for a public office as an independent candidate knowing how fruitless such a venture is.

According to Stonebwoy, even though he doesn’t see himself getting into partisan politics, he sees it better for any person seeking to enter into politics to join a political party with what they have to offer instead of being a stand-alone political person.

“If I may have to assume a political position to serve the people it will be difficult because there is a divide. I think I understand my space enough to know that being an independent candidate is somewhat a waste of time. Sorry, not to disrespect any independent candidate but I am speaking for myself, if there are two ships going, at least join one ship and then add what you want to add. My opinion might sound someway and you might think being an independent candidate will survive, but in this Ghana, here that we are and I have to say the truth, you have to be a part of the foundations that have already been built in order to do yours,” Stonebwoy said.

Speaking on an Accra-based TV station, he stated that owing to the sentiments that characterise politics in the country, he will not join a political party.

Stonebwoy who has always advocated for citizens to nonetheless exercise their constitutional rights to vote, said he will cast his ballot come December 7, when Ghana goes to the polls.

He emphasised that there is the need for Ghanaian voters to pay close attention to policies and ideals in settling on a choice which will inure to their development and that of the nation at large.




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