StarTimes to Premiere new Korean blockbuster, romantic telenovela; Descendants of The Sun


In response to the popular request from our audience, StarTimes brings a new Korean blockbuster Descendants of The Sun to the channel ST Novela E plus from 15th Feb, 7:30pm between Monday and Friday. It is an essential watch for all Korean-drama fans and can be enjoyed by both women and men, since, unlike many other K-dramas, it cannot possibly be confined to just a “chick flick” description; it has many delicious ingredients that will delight both sexes: romance for the gals, military skirmishes, lots of action shots, international politics, and criminal intrigues for the guys, and both sexes love humor in their shows.

The story follows Kang Mo-Yeon, an ER doctor, who crosses paths with a handsome, charismatic young man, Yoo Shi-Jin, who takes an interest in her. When Mo-Yeon learns that he’s a Special Forces soldier, she’s no longer certain that a relationship could work between them. Fate is working on their behalf, though, as Shi-Jin is deployed to a (fictional) European country, Uruk, and Mo-Yeon joins a group of humanitarian doctors there. The sparks fly between Mo-Yeon and Shi-Jin… just as terrible disaster strikes.

Descendants of The Sun had national ratings topping out at about 35% to 38% nationally and about 40% to 41% in Seoul. It’s also been exported to 32 countries, so it has the capacity to bring in millions more fans to the already burgeoning number of K-drama aficionados around the world.

Aside from the Korean blockbuster, there are many other options for drama fans to enjoy during the Valentine season.

The Heiress

Mon-Sunday 6:40pm

Channel: ST Novela E Plus

The Heiress tells a twisted story happening inside a rich family. Following the demise of their once solid relationship, the former lovers Romina and Carlos, end up marrying different partners who bring them from rags to riches all while triggering a complicated situation.

Los Bastardos

Mon-Sun 5:50pm

Channel: ST Novela E Plus

The story is based on the Cardinal Bastards series of Precious Hearts Romances, tells the story of five brothers who must fight against each other for the right to the power and money of the Cardinal family, led by its patriarch, Don Roman Cardinal, played by veteran actor Ronaldo Valdez.

Bridges of Love

From 26th February, Mon-Fri 7:50pm 2 Episodes

Channel: ST Novela E

The story follows the lives of two brothers, Gael and Carlos, bound by their promise to support each other, but separated by an unfortunate accident. They cross paths as adults but do not recognize each other. They will be bridged together by love for the same lady-of-interest — Mia, who is Gael’s greatest love, and the woman who completes Carlos’ broken heart.


StarTimes is the leading digital TV operator in Africa, serving 13 million DVB subscribers and 20 million OTT users in 30+ countries. StarTimes owns a 600+ channels’ content platform combining African local channels (75%) and international channels (25%, including Chinese channels 1.5%). The company’s vision is “To ensure that every African family can access, afford, watch and share the beauty of digital TV”.


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