Regional Police Command: Report officers who misconduct themselves at polling centres


The general public has been urged by the Ashanti Regional Police Command to report any police officer who misconducts himself or herself at various polling centres on the day of elections.

DSP Godwin Ahianyo, Ashanti Region Police PRO, whiles assuring residents of a peaceful election, said “We shall publish some numbers out which are going to be manned 24 hours throughout. Therefore, if you notice any police officer misconduct himself, you have to report him and the monitoring team will come and make sure they address the issue,”

According to DSP Godwin Ahianyo, the police command will see to it that, any police officer who misconducts himself or herself at polling centres is dealt with per the rules and regulations of the service.

“Come and cast your votes and go back home. Don’t be afraid of being intimidated because we are there to ensure a very smooth and peaceful election”, DSP Godwin Ahianyo stressed.

The Ghana Police Service has assured that it will not shield anyone who causes mayhem and try to disturb the peace of this year’s elections which is barely three days ahead.

About the wearing of Coronavirus protocols, DSP Godwin Ahianyo insisted that people who do not put on nose masks would not be allowed to go near the polling centre adding that such individuals could be arrested and prosecuted.


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