QUEEN OF FLOW: FINAL EPISODE Tonight (Friday), 16th April on Max TV

QUEEN OF FLOW: FINAL EPISODE Tonight (Friday), 16th April on Max TV

The final episode of the queen of flow tonight starts at the car park of the concert where a disoriented Charly kidnaps Jaime with a knife to her throat telling her to shut up or he will cut her throat. He asks her to move as she tries telling him to turn himself in but he said he won’t spend a day in jail telling her to move as he pushes her into the car asking her to start the car.

Juancho tries to put things together as the concert ends, he turns happy upon seeing his siblings. They tell him the concert was awesome as his brother shows him streams from England and they congratulate him.

His sister asked about Jaime and Juancho said he’s going to fetch her now because they going to celebrate as he invites them to join, they’re happy for him being with the love of his life.

Irma tells Eric she’s going to hire a lawyer to help her get out of Excelsio once and for all that she doesn’t want to work with charly anymore, Eric said he got her back as they kiss. They also talk about Juancho and Jaime and how they look at each other.

Right then the police sirens start sounding and they turn looking as Contrares ask his men to surround the entire building.

Contrares meets Eric and Irma informing them they looking got Charly Cruz and they’ve a warrant for his arrest as they turn shocked. They tell Contrares they haven’t seen him and he might have left, Contrares ask his men to search the whole place. He asked who was still present at the venue and Irma said Juancho and Jaime as Eric is still in shock.

Pite arrives home with Vanessa, he tells her they can open a small shop with the money they made at the concert but Vanessa who was still down asked if he saw how her dad performed and he not being actually good at singing, right then Charly calls Vanessa with Pite encouraging her to pick up.

Charly tells Vanessa he has to go on a trip and it’s all business with Vanessa asking him what’s going on, he asked her for a favor not to tell anyone she spoke to him and she asked why? Charly said the police is harassing him and his lawyer said the best thing to do is leave town that he carries her in his heart and his going to find proof so the world knows he’s an innocent man and things will go back to normal because he will fix it.

Vanessa tells him she handed over his gun to the police because she didn’t understand why he had her mom’s cellphone and if he had a hand in her death but he said no and can’t believe she betrayed him by letting Jaime brain wash her, he hangs up on her as he tells a frightened Jaime to speed up with a knife to her throat.

Vanessa tells Pite her dad hates her and he tries to calm her down. Ligia gets a call from Eric asking if Charly was there she said no and Eric said she should inform him in case he drops by.

Juancho, Eric and Irma talk with Juancho saying it won’t be bad to ask Vanessa if she heard from her dad. Eric calls her to ask if she heard from Charly and Vanessa said no with Pite asking why she lied to Eric whiles he listen in on them. She hangs up and starts arguing with pite who wasn’t happy she lied to Eric.

Eric tells Irma and Juancho that Vanessa said she hasn’t spoken to Charly but she’s lieing since he heard her arguing in the background saying she spoke to him and juancho said they’ve to go there immediately. He asked a guy if they’ve seen Jaime but he said no she isn’t backstage and nobody has seen her with juancho saying she isn’t picking either. He grows frightened picked up an announcer asking if anybody has seen anything. He asks for the CCTV footage.

Charly arrives with Jaime to his town house telling her this is a house he bought with the royalties from her song Reflection. She tries to fight him off but he catches up with her telling her to be still if she doesn’t want to die.

He brings her inside saying he got one card left and he’s playing it with her pushing her hard against the wall and Jaime loses consciousness.

Contrares and the rest go through the CCTV footage and saw how charly kidnapped Jaime. Then all look shocked as Juancho tells Contrares to catch Charly immediately because he assaulted Jaime earlier at Surround and he’s dangerous and Eric said the only one who can help them is Vanessa as they all move to find her.

Charly with a bottle in his hand wakes up a rope tied unconscious Jaime asking why she couldn’t let the past die. She said it’s because he ruined her life and Charly said what hurts the most is she deceiving him, making a fool out of him and he fell for it. He records her with his phone,she said she fell in love with him, she was just a child but he deceived her.

Charly said she got them all into these mess if it was up to him things will be so different and now he wants her to make a statement to the world saying everything she has ever said about him were lies that she’s obsessed with him and have been bearing a grudge in her head all these years.

She tells him nothing she says will save him now because the police have the gun and that his daughter turned him in. He tells Jaime not to mention that traitors name to him and Jaime said Vanessa adores him and he shouldn’t make her suffer anymore and he should stand up for what he did to Gema but Charly says Vanessa will never find out about that and Jaime said everything will be in the open soon so he should do the right thing.

An angry Charly ask her to shut up and make the statement as he records. She makes the statement, after she mentions her name and that Charly is threatening her, he pushes the phone aside and ask her if she wants to die and she said nothing will save him. He said she will stay there till hunger and taste makes her see reason and make that video.

Juancho and the rest try to plead with Vanessa if she knows where Charly is and she said all he said was going to fix everything and things will go back to normal. Contrares tells her the gun she brought really killed Marlene and she breaks down in tears.

Contrares excuses himself to go inspect the checkpoints.

Juancho ask Vanessa if Charly has any houses nearby and Vanessa tells them about his Reflection house. Juancho calls Contrares to give him the information and thanks Vanessa with Irma assisting her to draw a map to the location.

At the hostage location, a sleeping Charly wakes up when he hears the breaking news that an arrest warrant has been issued for him stating Embezzlement, participation in criminal activities as well as his connection to Marlene’s death and he is now being declared a fugitive of the law with numbers been given out for anyone who knows his whereabouts to report it, An angry Charly smashes the Tv on the floor.

The police surround the entire house as they try to enter. Charly goes for Jaime in the other room with a knife to her throat saying she doesn’t have to make the video afterall. He starts beating her up as the police corner him, he tries to run but Jaime holds him at gun point with everyone telling her not to shoot.

Charly provoked her saying she’s an idiot and he’ll rot in prison but she won’t get back her lost time, juancho and Eric urges her to not let Charly drag her down with him and she then declares not feeling anything for him and not even hatred and she sets him free as charly looks on at her. He’s handcuffed and arrested.

Two years Later

Vanessa and Pite expand their business with pite thinking of proposing to her but she said they’re still young as they prepare for Eric’s Concert.

Jose tells Irma it’s being 2yrs since he became sober. She’s happy for him and asked him about work and his promotion. He said the only thing liquor is good for is making you weak and Irma hugs him happy he got to know that. He said he will go see Ligia as Irma tells him to take care of Ligia and shower her with love, she leaves to prepare for her concert.

Axl records his tracks as Juancho listens, Juancho tells Axl about his European tour and he turns happy saying if he had known music wasn’t impossible for him he would’ve left Charly long time as they record some more.

Jaime visits his parents grave with Eric and he said he would’ve loved to meet them and Eric said they finally at peace as they leave flowers at the graveside.

The news is reported about the tragic end of Charly flow who touched the sky but lost everything because of his mistakes as his concert performances are shown.

At court, Giovanni Mora testifies to his involvement in the money laundering by keeping 20% with Charley 80% whiles Gema has no idea since she signs things without having an idea what she was signing.

Axl takes up the stand too saying he has nothing to do with it since he only picks up money from the bank and delivers it to charly. It’s estimated that the embezzlement sums up to 2 billion, 3 hundred thousand according to the audit conducted by National Tax Division.

A bruised Charly is sited in his crowded jail when a guard comes for him saying he has a visitor as his cell mates mock him shouting his name with regret written all over his face.

It’s Ligia,She asked what happened to his face? He said it’s a fight and he’s used to it by now. She cries with Charly saying she loses it anytime she visits with Ligia saying all that happened to him was her fault, for not seeing his mistakes as a kid and she bringing Manin into their lives but Charly assures her she has nothing to do with it and it’s all his fault.

He asked about Vanessa and if she doesn’t want to see him and Ligia said yes she doesn’t, he said he thought she will come down after they spoke.

He has a flashback of when Vanessa visited him in Jail, asking how he could take her mom from her and he being a murderer and a liar with Charly saying he didn’t kill her mom and Vanessa said the only truth is he tried to kill her mom when she found out what was going on at Excelsio, he tried killing Jaime and murdering Marlene and he disgusts her.

Charly apologizes for been wrong and Vanessa said he’s nothing but a dead man to her as she leaves,he tries going after her but stopped by the prison gate as he breaks down in tears.

Ligia said she will continue to convince Vanessa to come see him and he said she should tell her he loves her and is dieing without her as they both breakdown in tears.

Jaime prepares Eric for his concert as Juancho encourages him. He appears on stage with cheers all over as he performs Jaime gives a recap of their childhood till date.

A beaded Charly is getting used to prison life.

Juancho and Jaime bake whiles preparing for the party with Eric bringing Juancho’s baby. Irma coming to kiss Eric. Ligia and Jose arrive too with Jaime welcoming them.

Vanessa and Pite are present too so is Juancho’s siblings.

As Eric and Jaime sing for them a sad Ligia watches from a distance as they all look happy and at peace. Eric spots a crying Ligia and goes to hug her bringing her closer to them and they all laugh with so much happiness.


Max TV appreciates you all for choosing to watch and enjoy our telenovela series. It has been a journey of 82 episodes, a thank you to Marcelline Sika for the written updates. We say God bless you.

The new series that will be shown by Max TV which will be succeeding the Queen of Flow is “The Better Half”. It is a Philippine drama television series starring Shaina Magdayao, Carlo Aquino, JC de Vera and Denise Laurel. Continue following watching us for more. Max Novella! 3y3 Double Double.



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