Prof Alex Dodoo: Change disposable masks every four hours if possible


The Director-General of the Ghana Standards Authority, GSA, Professor Alex Dodoo has advised that people change their masks every four hours if possible.

Professor Alex Dodoo said this in an interview on a range of issues around the coronavirus pandemic.

On the subject of how long a person could wear their disposable masks, Professor Alex Dodoo said: “for these disposable ones (masks) … once they get wet, you really do not want to use them.

Most people will say within eight hours but really after four hours in our current weather (you need a change of disposable masks), and it is going to get worse as the temperature increases,” he added.

Prof Dodoo further advised that people should desist from wearing wet masks and more importantly, “… do not share your masks with anyone.”

With respect to cloth masks, he said once they are wet, it is important to change them.

He also lauded the cloth mask guidelines published by the GSA and Food and Drugs Authority when the pandemic first hit the country.

Wearing masks in public is mandatory according to a presidential directive. Police have effected a series of arrests in relation to non-compliance. The Ghana Health Service announced yesterday that compliance in wearing of masks had remarkably increased.


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