Kurt Okraku: Suspending football last year was the best decision

Kurt Okraku

Kurt Okraku, the President of the GFA, has backed his outfit’s decision to cancel the 2019-2020 football season due to coronavirus disruptions insisting the FA and the government took the best decision.

All football activities have been halted since a year now due to the rise in cases of Covid-19.

Since there was a national ban on public gatherings, domestic football in Ghana has been on hold, including sporting and religious events. This came into effect as part of measures to curb the spread of the coronavirus disease on March 15 last year.

Despite the Premier League being at the match week 15 stage, it was halted by the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking to an Accra-based FM station, Kurt Okraku said they have never regretted taking such a decision since it was to save lives.

“Covid has impacted negatively not only on football but on the entire world. Yes, twelve months ago we decided to respect covid-19 because we wanted to protect lives and we wanted to meet again as human beings and not as people who cannot breathe as human beings”.

He noted: “I think that the FA and government took the best decision and today we are back, enjoying our football amid the fact that Covid-19 is not gone entirely. But we should also remember that Covid-19 has come to stay with us and we need to learn to take care of ourselves.



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