John Mahama: NDC will give Ghanaians renewed hope after December Polls

Mr John Dramani Mahama, the flag-bearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC)

Mr John Dramani Mahama, the flag-bearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), has said that the next NDC government will give Ghanaians renewed hope saying that NDC will make Ghana work for everybody and not just the family and friends of members of the ruling NPP government.

Mr. Mahama, in an interview recently, re-echoed the point he made during the launch of the NDC’s People’s Manifesto in Accra, saying, “We need to give Ghanaians good reasons to have hope again; we need to make them feel they are listened to and taken care of, and we need to make Ghana work for everybody and not just a few. This is why we call our manifesto, the People’s Manifesto. We pledge to create one million new decent jobs over the next four years. We will do it and I guarantee you that.”

The assurances by Mr. Mahama come on the back of the widespread nepotism allegations by the main opposition NDC seen under President Akufo-Addo’s administration. There are concerns that a few people, described as the “Akyem Mafia”, have captured the state and arrogated all powers and resources to themselves and their cronies leaving the majority of Ghanaians to their own fate.

According to John Mahama, he and the NDC have seen the helplessness of Ghanaians and are prepared to come to their aid.

“We began by listening to you directly before putting together the NDC’s People’s Manifesto, and I, as flag-bearer, make the solemn promise that Ghanaians can hope again when the NDC returns to power next year”.

The Ex-President added that, by pledging to create one million decent new jobs, the NDC has set out to reduce the high unemployment in the country, which is a direct result of the bad policies of the current NPP government.

“Our intention is to boost local economies, which will, in turn, create indirect jobs for the people,” he said.

The banking sector clean-up has rendered many Ghanaians jobless. Their dependants are facing penury having lost every hope to turn their economic situations around. Many businesses that depended on the micro-finance sector have largely collapsed.

Many employees in the construction sector, who spoke to this reporter, said they were suffocating under the current NPP government as the government had abandoned many projects initiated by the previous Mahama administration while failing to pay over GH¢2 billion owed road contractors especially those who worked on the cocoa roads.

“The situation has led to so much devastation to personal economies that the average Ghanaian has given up in despair,” one construction worker said.


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