Highest number of people who listen to my music come from New Zealand and Australia – KiDi


Lynx Entertainment signed artiste, KiDi, has indicated that the digital space has had a positive impact on his music. He said this has enabled his music to go beyond the shores of Ghana.

According to KiDi, the highest number of people that normally stream and listen to his music the most are not even Ghanaians.

Speaking in an interview on the Max Morning Show on Max TV, KiDi said “In 2018, could you believe that the people in the whole world that listen to my songs the most weren’t even Ghanaians.”

The “Say Cheese” hit maker indicated that the highest number of people who listen to his music come from New Zealand and Australia.

“Yea, there were people from New Zealand and Australia. Most of my highest streams come from New Zealand. All these people listen to my songs more than Ghanaians. You could think it is Ghanaians but the most stream I get is from New Zealand. So you can track that from digital, you can go to the Sportifys, the YouTubes and know where they are listening to your music from. So when you are making music you have to have them in mind as well because now you have fans there so you don’t have to make it for the international market,” he said.

He said “With the digital space now it is good for music, now people are actually able to track how well their song is doing and where in the world you are listening.”

KiDi has songs such as Mr Badman, Say You Love Me, Enjoyment, Say Cheese, Thunder, Sugar Daddy, Adiepena among many others.

Watch the full interview with KiDi on the Max Moring Show  below :


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