GUTA Organiser: ‘Panic Buying’ is The Reason For Current Food Price Surge


Clement Boateng, the National Organizer of the Ghana Trader’s Union Association (GUTA), has advised traders to stop increasing the prices of their commodities in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some traders, especially market women, as a result of the outbreak of coronavirus and the subsequent lockdown in the country, have taken undue advantage to exploit the situation by raising the prices of their foodstuffs and other items astronomically.

According to customers, a cup of gari which use to sell for GHC 10 is now selling for GHC 30 and items like garden eggs, tomatoes and others have also seen incredible price increases.

A lot of Ghanaians have complained bitterly about the attitude of the market women and therefore calling for them to be brought to order.

The GUTA National Organizer, speaking in an interview with Kwami Sefa Kayi on Peace FM, expressed disgust over the sudden price increment on commodities.

He explained that prices were increased by the market women due to panic buying.

The GUTA National Organizer said because some areas of the nation are under lockdown, there are some customers who are doing panic buying and these market women see the opportunity to capitalize on the current situation.

He called on the market women to stop abusing customers and realize that the pandemic will be over, adding that should they continue to exploit people for their gains, they will incur losses after the pandemic.

He stated that “The panic buying brought about such increment . . . it’s a lesson to us which maybe in the future, we’ll take so we see how to guard against its recurrence. I think it’s unnecessary for the panic buying which led people to take undue advantage to increase the prices of commodities astronomically “.


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