Government: No ‘jama’ at match venues when Football return


The Ghana Football Association(GFA) and the National Sports Authority (NSA) have been asked to institute the agreed safety measures before football resumes on the scheduled date.

The Director of Health Promotions at the Ghana Health Service, Dr Dacosta Aboagye, has tasked the two institutions to put in place the safety measures which were proposed by the government as conditions for the return of the Football game.

Dr Dacosta Aboagye told them not to wait until the day of the matches before they put in place those measures.

Among the safety protocols are the ban on singing and shouting at the stadiums.

According to Dr Aboagye, that ‘jama’ which has become an integral part of Ghana football will not be allowed at game venues.

Fans and officials will also have to wear nose masks and practise social distancing at the stadium.

“The Sports Authority and the Ministry must make sure that the 25% capacity and social distancing protocols are adhered to. They must provide hand-washing facilities and ensure that all the protocols are respected. They shouldn’t wait till it’s time for the games before they do these things. Just like we did at the airport, they should also do these things. We don’t want it to become a source of infection”.

“Everyone entering a stadium will have to wear face masks and wash his or hands. You’ll not sit by a friend and songs and noise will not be allowed. These are the guidelines that we have come up with. You can’t sing and shout at the stadiums”, he said.

The GFA, meanwhile, has announced the weekend of November 13 to 15 as the returning date for Ghana Football.

The FA in a release said that it is confident the new season will be one of the best in the history of Ghana football and football will not be breeding ground for Covid-19.

Clubs are expected to resume training today with players of Kumasi Asante Kotoko set to undergo coronavirus test today.








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