God forbid, no woman can come between 4×4 – Captain Planet

Captain Planet Speaking in an interview on MaxTV’s UpClose Show, hosted by Oheneba Marshall,

The leader of the popular Ghanaian music group 4X4, Captain Planet, has revealed that no woman can ever come between members of his group to collapse it.

According to him, the 4×4 group does not have time when it comes to dealing with women issues. He said the group as a whole does not even deal with such energies coming from women.

Speaking in an interview on Max TV’s Up Close Show, hosted by Oheneba Marshall, on Saturday 27th June ,2020 , Captain Planet, said “God forbid, we never had any woman issues in our group. When it comes to women issues forget it. We don’t even deal with such energy coming from a woman.”

“We started doing this solo projects because members found different businesses they were more into. As I am speaking to you now Fresh Prince is in the states. He is now working and trying to build his own family over there,” he added.

Responding to a question from Marshall on the state of the 4×4 group, he said “It’s only in Ghana that when artists start doing solo tracks then people take it to mean they broke up.  The group is still there, but at a point in time the group was not functioning because members of the group each found businesses they were doing. That is the reason why we started doing the solo project.”

“When people are side hustling and they still want to come together as a group then we step in the studio as a group to record something. But now the group is on hold for now. That is why you see us do all these solo projects. We feel like we have done it all, we are not going to be a group forever; we are not going to die as a group forever,” Captain Planet added.



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