EPA warns Ghanaians: Stop buying, selling under high tension lines

High voltage towers with sky background.

Appealing to Ghanaians and the general public, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has advised them to stop buying and selling under GRIDCo high tensions lines.

The Deputy Executive Director (EPA) in charge of Technical, Mr Ebenezer Appah-Sampong, offered this advice after visiting Kwame Nkrumah Circle, Tema Motorway, Alajo, Avernor and other parts of Accra where people are doing business and are also staying under GRIDCo high tensions.

According to Mr. Appah-Sampong, the danger of trading under such high tension cables far outweigh the profits of any business transaction.

He revealed further that, due to the weight of the cables and fire outbreaks, the wires could snap or sag, thereby causing electrical shock.

He said this could lead to disabilities, life threatening injuries or even death.

Mr. Appah-Sampong said the safest distance to the wires should be 5.5 meters or 11 steps away.

He further advised the public to observe the safety rules to avoid electrocution or any kind of electrical accident.

“People should always stay clear of electrical installations, overhead wires, snapped/cut wires and pole…it is never advisable…,” he said.


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