Enforcement of Club Licensing Statutes is the only thing that can save Ghana football – Dr Kofi Amoah

Dr Kofi Amoah
The president of the Normalization Committee, Dr Kofi Amoah

The president of the Normalization Committee, Dr Kofi Amoah has said he is unhappy with how clubs have gotten away with not meeting the demands of the club licensing policy.

According to Dr Kofi Amoah, Football is run by laws and regulations and we refused to accept that as a country. That is why Ghana football is lagging behind and going no where.

He stressed that it is clear in the club licensing statutes that to get a license to operate a football club, you must have all the necessary structures in place. However, none of that is happening.

In an exclusive interview with Nana Darkwah Gyasi on Max 89.7 FM’s SportsPack 1, Dr Kofi Amoah said “Club licensing is the fundamental thing we must deal with and find a way to get around that, to get all the clubs strong, financially strong, playing the players well, having good coaches and good administrators.”

He added “When you do that and you know in football a football player or club can’t play a competition by themselves. So you need a certain number of football players and football clubs to make it work.”

According to Dr Amoah, he has fears that Ghana Football might not go far because if we don’t deal with it and repeat the past mistakes we will not go anywhere. Licensing is like tayt in every endeavor.

He said “If our football club are not prepared and willing to do the fundamentals to provide the money and others. It means they are not ready to own a Football Club’.

He further stressed that “If it takes $500,000 or $205,000 to properly structure a football club to make and you don’t have that then don’t go there.”

According to him, the facilities are not there, the administrative structures are not there and the capacity to run a football club properly are not there and we continue to go on. If we want Ghana football to rise, we must understand that the laws and regulations of the FA are there for a purpose.

“This must become clear to us because we have the talents here, Micheal Essien started here, look at what happened, he made it to the top of the world. Sammy Kuffour and others like him by the time they get there the structures and everything is there so their talents and handwork takes them to the top,” Dr Kofi Amoah added.



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