EC: Scrutiny of Presidential candidates’ documents will be fairly done


Jean Mensa, the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission, has assured that the two committees set up to scrutinize documents submitted by Presidential aspirants will do a fair and transparent job.

According to Jean Mensa, the EC’s Technical and I.T committees have been tasked to determine whether the aspirants meet the requirement to contest the position of President.

Addressing the media, Madam Jean Mensa, stated that the EC’s committees will work in strict accordance with the law. They are also to establish the genuineness of their voter ID cards.

“Both teams have been provided adequate training and orientation to carry out their functions as prescribed by law. The guiding principle for both teams is clear, they are both to operate in the confines of the law. They are not to exercise discretion in the matter, above all, they have been tasked to be fair and firm in executing their duties. We have no doubt that the process will be transparent, fair, and peaceful.”

Since Monday, October 5, 2020, Presidential candidates seeking to contest the December 7 general election have been filing their nomination forms at the Electoral Commission Headquarters in Accra.


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