C.K. Akonnor: There Would Have Been A Different View Of My Appointment

C.K Akonnor, amongst many people, is uncertain over when it will all come together again.

According to C.K Akonnor, despite the coronavirus pandemic, things feel very different. Sixty- one days into his career as national team coach, he watched on as football closed in different countries in the wake of the coronavirus.

The first tasks of C.K Akonnor were games against Sudan in Cape Coast on March 27 and a return leg in Khartoum four days later. He had penciled down names, called them out in a press conference and all looked set for what should have been a coronation at the Cape Coast Stadium until things had to be brought to a stop.

C.K Akonnor, amongst many people, is uncertain over when it will all come together again.

He said in an interview that “It is a bit uncomfortable because of what it demands. I know a lot of people have doubts.”

“If we had played, if we had played two matches, I think Sudan and South Africa, by now there would have been a different view of my appointment and also for myself as well but this a situation that everyone is in and there’s nothing I or anybody can do about it. We just have to wait and see when the opportunity can come again for us to work” C.K Akonnor added.

In many countries restrictions have been eased and things are gradually getting back to normal. Germany for instance announced recently that the Bundesliga is returning on May 16. That is good news for many, however, Akonnor still believes that this might go on for a while in Africa.

“I know for certain that the Germans are going to start soon. I believe that in England, the Premier League will also continue and then in Italy. And so based on these facts, ours will not be too far away. So I am looking forward to that moment where they will start so that we can follow suit. So far I haven’t heard CAF say anything and that is quite strange but I am sure they are also waiting for what FIFA will say. Once that is done, it means that we will have an opportunity to work again,” Mr Akonnor said.

C.K Akonnor added that “I am there to serve my country and that I will do to the best of what I can. I want to see us rise to the occasion that everyone can believe that we are doing something and there is some sort of hope.”





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