A LOVE TO LAST: Tonight (THURSDAY) on Episode 44


We started with Anton watching Andeng sleep. He reminisced about the time they spent together and when Andeng woke up in the morning, he still had not slept yet. She asked him why he stayed up when she was right next to him and Anton asked her if the two of them would still have met if she married Jerold and he was still married to Grace. Andeng said they would have become acquaintances but Anton joked that they would have become lovers. Andeng said that she would never become his mistress and Anton said that he would never cheat on his wife. He then said that it was the reason why he wanted her to be his wife. Andeng was shocked by what Anton said and he went on to explain that he wanted to be with her always. Andeng said it there was no need to rush but Anton said that he was already 45 and wanted to make the most of the time he still had. He therefore took a ring that he had customized and asked Andeng to marry him. Andeng was in tears but she said yes to his proposal.

Grace went to pick up Kitty at the house and asked Lucas where Anton was. He told her that he went with Andeng to their rest house. He asked Grace what she thought about it and she said that she was in no position to say that what Anton did was wrong. She therefore advised Lucas to give Anton some space.

Lucas was not happy about the situation so he called Tony and asked for his help. Tony said he would go to their house.

At school, some of Gena’s friends tried to pour a cup of coffee on Chloe but Fort stopped them and told them not to harass his girlfriend. He then took Chloe’s hand and left with her.

Tupe heard the news that Chloe was Fort’s girlfriend and confronted her about it in the library. Fort interrupted them and Tupe asked when the two of them started dating. They almost mixed up their answers but Chloe was quick to say that they started dating that morning. Fort grabbed Chloe by the shoulder and they left together.

When they were away from Tupe, Chloe told Fort that they needed some rules to guide their fake relationship. She said that they could only hold hands in public, kissing was not allowed and she asked Fort not to surprise her. She also said she would add more rules if it was necessary. They later agreed to go on a date so that they wouldn’t mess up their answers. Chloe agreed and Fort took her to the kindergarten that they attended when they were kids. They reminisced about their time their and played with water guns. This recap belongs to Kenya Meets the Philippines and should not be posted on any other pages.

When Anton and Andeng were preparing breakfast, Anton suddenly suggested that they should get married that very day. He reasoned it was better for them to get married without anyone there to object. Andeng asked for some time to think about it but she eventually agreed. They called Jerry to help them find a judge who would marry them. Andeng called Tracy to tell her the good news and asked her to go to their location with Tom since they would be their witnesses.

Grace took Kitty to an art workshop for children but she said that she no longer liked to draw. They stayed anyway and Kitty drew a family picture with Andeng but not Grace. The teacher asked her about her mother and Kitty said that she didn’t know where to place her. She however drew her on one end of the picture. Grace took her out to another place and they had fun taking pictured together.

Tupe couldn’t find Chloe at school so he asked her friend where she was. Chloe’s friend said that she went for a date with Fort and Tupe asked that she text Chloe to ask where they were.

When Tupe arrived, Fort saw him grabbed Chloe. He asked her to kiss him to make Tupe jealous and leaned in. They were about to kiss when Tupe shouted Chloe’s name and interrupted them. She asked what he was doing and Tupe said he was checking in on her because he did not trust Fort. Fort confronted him and asked if he liked Chloe. They almost got into a fight but a guard stopped them. Chloe said they were leaving but Tupe asked to talk for a while. Fort went to wait in his car and left them to talk.

Chloe asked Tupe what his problem was and he said that he simply did not like Fort. He added that he was not good for her and Chloe asked him who was the right person for her. Tupe almost said that he was jealous but Chloe’s phone rang and he didn’t get to finish his sentence.

Anton called Chloe to ask if she could take Kitty and Lucas to the rest house because he needed to tell them something. Chloe said she still had something to attend to at school and Kitty was out with Grace. She asked that they plan whatever they had in mind for another time. When Chloe was done, Tupe said he was done with what he had to say so they left.

Andrew had called Aunt Baby to tell her that Andeng was having problems with Anton. Baby called Andeng to check in on her and she said that she and Anton were fine. She had thought to invite her to the impromptu wedding but decided not to tell her.

After the phone calls, Andeng and Anton decided not to have the wedding. Andeng said it would be better if the people they loved were there to share in the celebration so they texted Tom and Tracy to tell them that the wedding was off.

Andeng took Anton to a church and they made a wish about their actual wedding, that everyone they cared about would be happy for them. Andeng asked Anton what his vows would have been and he talked about how he would have to go to the gym to stay strong because he was much older than her. He said he wanted to travel with her, make younger siblings for Kitty, love and support her in everything she wanted to do. He asked Andeng about her vows and she said that she wanted to spend her life thinking of things that made him happy because his happiness was her happiness. The church bell rang and Anton said that it meant to say he could kiss his bride. We ended as they said they loved each other…



Credit : Velasco De Toni Montana



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