Noguchi: Coronavirus vaccine side effects will disappear in two days


According to data from the Noguchi Memorial Institute, the side effects associated with taking a shot of the Covid-19 vaccine will disappear within a day or two.

There have been widespread rumours and conspiracy theories over the Covid vaccine in Ghana, with scores of people admitting they won’t take the vaccine.

However, Immunologist Noguchi Dr. Kwadwo Asamoah has acknowledged that there are side effects associated with the vaccine but contends that every vaccine in the world has side effects.

Dr. Kwadwo Asamoah, speaking to an Accra-based FM station said that “we have a few diseases that have been wiped out from the surface of the earth due to vaccines so vaccines are a way to go. But sometimes, you need people to obey measures.”

“Almost everybody should feel safe to take the vaccine but if you’re in doubt, talk to your doctor who knows your medical history. One thing that we have to be clear is that the side effects we’re talking about are in most vaccines. It’s all a sign that your body is responding and there’s no cause for alarm.”

He added that “it’s very important to educate people on the vaccine because if we don’t vaccinate a large number of people, it will be in vain. There’s nothing that doesn’t have any side effects. As I mentioned, it’s not just for Covid vaccines.”

“We have data that the side effects will disappear within a day or two,” he intimated.



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